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When you need the best roofing company in Snohomish, WA, you don’t have to look any further than Guardian Home Roofing. We serve residential and commercial clients with roof repairs, roof replacements, roof maintenance, and new construction roofs. 

Naturally, our roofers are the best in the business—licensed, experienced, and skilled in all aspects of the trade. They are screened and vetted so you can be assured that your family and employees will be safe with our crews on the property.

Residential and commercial roofing materials vary, but our roofers are equally at home with them all. We install all materials, including clay tile, asphalt shingle, shake, metal, composite, slate, metal, EPDM, torch down, BUR, liquid rubber, and more.

Get Rid of the Mold on Your Snohomish Roof

Mold mars the appearance of any roof, and the more it covers a roof, the shabbier the overall look of a property. Black mold is an organism that grows on most roofing materials, including clay tile and asphalt shingle. 

Mold can be removed from a roof and the color of the materials restored. 

Call Guardian Home to get a quote and schedule our roof cleaning services. Our safe solutions kill mold and do not harm your roof. (Note: never have an asphalt shingle roof pressure washed. It will void the manufacturer’s warranty because pressure washing removes the granules that are the key component of the shingles.)

Schedule a Snohomish Roof Inspection by Guardian Roofing

Consider an annual roof inspection the equivalent of a yearly health check. Get your roof inspected so that problems can be detected early, treated, and the condition reversed.

Guardian Home 21-point roofing inspections show up everything going on with your roof—the good, the bad, and the ugly. Are there compromised areas? Missing flashing? Worn out vent boots? Soft decking? These will all become known when a Guardian Home expert walks your roof and examines it carefully.

After an inspection, you can expect a written report on the condition of your roof plus a list of recommended actions. We can make the recommended repairs, or you can get another company to do them. 

For a Guardian Home 21-point roofing inspection, call us at 877-926-9966.

Give Your Roof a Long Life by Maintaining It Actively

As you take care of your body to keep it functioning at peak levels, so should you also take care of your roof. It begins with the inspection mentioned above that shows up problem areas and vulnerable spots. Many homeowners and business owners in Snohomish take advantage of Guardian Home’s roof maintenance program because it takes away the worry. Get regular inspections and repairs through our program.

Roof leaks can develop in different ways. Actively maintaining a roof keeps leaks to a minimum because vulnerable areas are shored up, fixed, or replaced before leaks can develop. Maintaining decking so that it doesn’t rot in places where moisture breaches have occurred saves on expensive repairs.

Get Guardian Home’s maintenance program on your side. Call us at 877-926-9966.

Snohomish Best Roof Repair Company

We repair residential and commercial roofs. We also replace roofs if there’s too much damage to repair.

Call Guardian Home for quality repairs and replacements. Our roofs have a reputation in Snohomish for being robust and long-lasting and people know our crews as hardworking, skilled, and efficient. Call us for the best repairs in Snohomish.

Snohomish, WA, Residential and Commercial Roof Services

Guardian Home roofers serve Snohomish residential and commercial clients with roof installations, repairs, and replacements. Call us to discuss your roofing needs: 877-926-9966.