Masonry & Chimney Repairs and Maintenance

Guardian roofing strives to take care of everything associated with your roof. A large source of roof problems are associated to chimneys and wall masonry. Guardian has trained Mason’s on staff to handle maintenance, repair, and replacement of masonry chimneys. 

Chimneys consist of brick, mortar, flus, and caps. The cap to a masonry chimney is typically pored in place concrete but in occasion is custom fit metal. 

Guardian Roofing, Gutters & Insulation Chimney Repair

Repairs & Maintenance

  • Maintenance: Chimneys should be kept clean, as moss enters mortar joints it will cause the mortar do decompose
  • Tuckpointing, As the elements pound away at the exterior mortar it will dry out and begin to shrink and fail .If it is caught early enough the mortar can be ground out, and new mortar can be installed .
  • Counterflashing.  At the base of the chimney metal is extended from under the roof . This metal is encapsulated by counterflashing. This vital waterproofing piece is set in the mortar of the chimney, and is a key area for installation errors, and failure do to rust and metal decomposition.  Like tuckpointing this flashing can be replaced while the chimney remains in place.
  • Crowns. Crowns typically fail before other parts of the chimney , due to the fact that they see the most weather. Crowns crack, shrink, and decompose. Crowns can be replaced. Replacement crowns should be pored with a drip edge to provide extra protection for the brick.
  • Flu Replacement. At times Flus will crack and need to be replaced. Typically this will require a crown replacement at the same time. 


If a chimney has bricks that are cracking and crumbling, or if the mortar has failed past the point of repair a chimney will need to be rebuilt. Guardian can take care of most masonry issues . We maintain,  repair, and rebuild chimneys on a daily basis. 

Chimney Masonry Before & After