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Welcome to our blog! We have started this roofing blog to provide local Puget Sound homeowners with usual roofing and home maintenance tips for their homes! Be sure to check back frequently to check out the new blog posts!

The Guardian Gazette: July 2019 Newsletter

Summer is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest and I for one am loving this warm, sunny weather! Don’t get me wrong, rain is good when you’re a roofer and I’m always grateful when the fall comes around because that means there’s work to be done and roofs to repair. But I sure […]

The Guardian Gazette: June 2019 Newsletter

It seems summer is in full swing here in the Pacific Northwest! Warm summer evenings are best spent with friends and family in the backyard, sipping on lemonade and waiting for those burgers to finally come off the grill. On weekends, there is nothing better than a scenic hike with views of snow-capped mountains or […]

Home Fire Safety And Prevention – Part 1

Like any homeowner, business owner or renter, you want a safe, comfortable home for our families and pets. You take steps to ensure that our HVAC systems are properly maintained, the landscaping is watered and trimmed, and the drinking water is clean. But, before you take all of those precautions, you need to take the […]

The Guardian Gazette: May 2019 Newsletter

Giving back has always, always been important to me and to our team here at Guardian. We try everyday to deliver the best possible service and to give back to those less fortunate when we can. This is why in November of 2018 we launched the Guardian Halo Project, where we promised to give one […]

Guardian Roofing Look at Flat Roofs – Part 2

How to hire a quality contractor for your Flat Roof and what questions are important? Hiring the right contractor for your flat roof is a very important choice; but, how do you know which company is right.  There is several questions that you can ask contractors to help single out the right contractor for you. […]

Guardian Roofing Look at Flat Roofs – Part 1 Common Errors:

Flat roofs are popular roofing style for many designs of homes. They can provide extra living spaces or add unique designs to contemporary homes. Flat roofs can be completed with a number of different materials as well. From your “hot mop” flat roofs to “TPO”, flat roofs are just like all other roofs and require […]

Spring Cleaning Time Is Here

A Dozen Little Things To Prepares for Spring Now that the weather is getting warmer and dryer, it’s time to put away the winter things and get ready for spring. You’ll need to check the outside of your home for winter damage and take care of the small repairs before they get worse. Here’s a […]

The Guardian Gazette: April 2019 Newsletter

SPRING HAS SPRUNG! All around us are signs that winter is finally over and spring is in full swing! The blooming of daffodils and the early morning chirping of birds confirms that we can safely pack away those parkas and leave the house in a light sweater instead! One of our favorite signs of spring […]

National Window Safety Week Is Here

When it comes to windows, most homeowners don’t really notice them. We tend to only notice what is on the other side of them. But, as spring approaches, we need to take a close look at all of the windows to ensure they are undamaged by our winter weather.  According to the National Safety Council, […]

The Guardian Gazette: March 2019 Newsletter

Spring? Are you there? I don’t know about you, but I sure am glad to see some March sunshine after all of February’s snow. It might still be a little chilly, and I might still have to scrape ice off my windshield every morning, but those few rays of sunshine hold the promise of light, […]