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Gutter Installation, Gutter Repair and Gutter Maintenance for your Seattle Home

Here in the Pacific Northwest, most homes and buildings are outfitted with gutter systems in response to the high amount of rainfall received each year.

Acting as an outdoor plumbing system, gutters carry captured water away from your home to avoid foundation issues. They also protect your roof from water damage and ice dams.

Because of our quality gutter and gutter protection systems, we are able to provide an exclusive 30-year no clog guarantee on all gutter protection systems we install.

Our Gutters Services include…

Technician installing Gutters

  • Installation – Guardian offers seamless custom gutters made onsite to fit your home and aesthetic. 
  • Cleaning – Our comprehensive cleaning service includes cleaning out debris, sealing all end-caps and miters (corner), and reinforcing with hidden hanger to maintain strength and durability.
  • K-Guard Gutter System – Our top of the line gutter guards protect your gutters from becoming clogged by debris and roof granules, ultimately extending the life of your gutters and protecting your home. 
  • Gutter Repair – We can repair your existing gutters after an assessment of the repairs needed, or advise you on a replacement.

Why Gutters Are Important for Every Home

When it rains, or the ice melts, the water washes down your roof. The same water also carries debris, shingle granules, pine needles, and leaves into the gutters. If not regularly removed or cleaned out, the debris will clog your gutters, causing them to fail. Clogged gutters cause water damage to your roof and home, and eventually the corrosion of the gutters themselves. Gutters have other benefits also.

  • Prevention of landscaping or soil erosion. Water tends to fan out, puddle, or carve into the soil if it is not funneled properly.  Properly installed gutter systems should redirect the water in a specific way to prevent water from moving across sidewalks and driveways where it can freeze and cause accidents. Your home should have a drainage plan so that water from the gutters is directed as far as possible from your home’s foundation to prevent erosion.
  • Keep your foundation safe and your basement or crawl space dry. Water is a powerful force of nature. Over time, water and ice can damage your foundation and allow water to collect under your home.  Water problems under your home can mean destruction to your equipment, the invasion of pests, and the development of mold. 
  • Enhance the aesthetics to your home exterior. Gutters can complement the siding, roof color, and the rest of the house. There are lots of gutter materials to choose from. Vinyl gutters come in various colors and are more affordable. Copper gutters are expensive but look classy and shiny. Aluminum is the most common material used to make gutters as it is very durable and long-lasting.
  • Preserve roofing shingles and other materials. It is important that rainwater doesn’t build-up beneath the roof structure. If it does, it damages your roofing material and leads to roof leaks.
  • Protection for your siding. It doesn’t matter what kind of siding your home has, even the highest quality siding gets damaged over time without gutters in place. Missing, damaged, or clogged gutters allow rainwater to soak and stain anything in its path, including your beautiful siding. 

Technician cutting Gutters to size

Gutters are an extremely important investment when it comes to protecting your home.  Most homeowners might not realize the extremely important role gutters play in keeping your home and property safe from water damage. Knowing these components will help you appreciate the value that gutters provide:

  • Gutter sections are the horizontal gutter material that attaches to your home, which can be made of various materials, like vinyl, copper, or aluminum.
  • Gutter Guards screen out debris that would clog your gutters, like leaves, nests, twigs, and other materials. This debris makes it difficult for water to pass through freely.
  • Downspouts drain water from the gutter sections to the ground around your house.
  • Downspout extensions are attached to the end of the downspout to control the flow of water so that it empties into a specific area away from your foundation.
  • Hangers are the support system for your gutters. Hangers are designed for various uses, standard hangers, heavy-duty hangers, K style hangers, etc.

If your home needs new gutters, gutter components, or gutter protection, contact Guardian Roofing, Gutters & Insulation today by calling 877-926-9966, or requesting your FREE estimate online. Our friendly team of experts is standing by, ready to help you find the best solution to fit your home’s needs.