Faulty Workmanship

When your roof has been damaged, for whatever reason, it must be repaired or replaced properly.  Improperly made repairs can result in further damage, like leaks, mold, discolored and soggy sheetrock and insulation, rotting wood rafters and framework, etc. All of which will have to be repaired, too. If the damage extends to HVAC system or electrical wiring, the costs can be overwhelming. To prevent the inconvenience and cost of badly made repairs, finding the right roofing company is vital to your piece of mind.

When you look for the right repair company (or any home service company), there are a number of things you should consider:

  • Search for reviews and referrals. Good roofing companies are local. They have extensive work histories in the area, know local code regulations, and have a good standing in the community.  Customer review websites and the Better Business Bureau are a good place to start. But, friends, neighbors and family members may be a better choice for a referral. They may be more honest about their experience and you can ask them questions.
  • Better Business Bureau and similar ratings are still valuable. Companies that do have a good score with the BBB profile have fulfilled the accreditation requirements (been in business for 12 months, insurance and licensing, etc.). The BBB rating is also based on the integrity and community standing of the company.
  • Look for manufacturer designations.  Product manufacturers are protective of their reputations. Such designations are a “badge of honor” among contractors because they must maintain certain minimum requirements to be considered factory-certified. For example, the GAF (General Aniline & Film manufacturing company) only allows 3% of roofing companies to be recognized as Master Elite® Contractors.
  • Make sure to ask about and understand their warranties. Not all roofing companies offer manufacturer warranties that include coverage of the roofing contractor’s workmanship. If a contractor fails to install the roof correctly, it may take years for the damage to show up. Usually, insurance companies won’t pay for it. If the contractor won’t fix it, your only option is to pay to have the roof repaired again.
  • Ask for proof of insurance and licenses. Safety is essential. The roof contractor should easily provide proof of insurance and certificates on demand. If someone gets hurt while working on your roof, you could be held responsible.
  • Work directly with your insurance company to ensure the claim is handled properly. Don’t trust the roofing company to do it. If the contractor says that they can handle the repair without having you pay your insurance deductible, they are likely committing insurance fraud.
  • Get a range of estimates. Have several companies provide detailed repair estimates. You should be able to compare the prices as well as the scope of work that each company recommends. You should feel comfortable making your own decisions and not feel pressured into additional repairs.
  • Material choices can make a big difference. Shingles are manufactured in a variety of styles, materials and colors. Any reputable contractor can provide a range of shingle options, explain the differences between them, and install them properly. If you need to replace your roof, your insurance company may also apply discounts to your insurance premium if you decide to install a more damage resistant material.

Your piece of mind should be the priority of any reputable company. You should feel confident that the roofing company you choose is dependable, reliable and professional before you sign the contract. If you don’t feel comfortable hiring the company, keep looking.

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