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Do You Have UGLY Roof Syndrome?

When was the last time you gave your roof a little TLC?

If you are like most homeowners (Who aren’t professional roofing contractors) the only time you think about your roof is when there is a major storm, or if there is a leak of some kind.

Moss Proofing Before & After

Has Your Roof Been Inspected in the Last Year?

If you think about it, does your roof ever have a good day? It is constantly up there taking whatever Mother Nature has to dish out. With changes in the seasons (Which turn on a dime around here lately) your roof is exposed to rain, strong winds, snow, ice, UV rays and heat from the sun.

On top of that, the beautiful trees that we enjoy year round litter our roofs with evergreen needles. These needles clog our gutters, and when these needles are in shaded areas they compound an already growing algae and moss epidemic that wreaks havoc on the life of our roof. (Not to mention it is downright UGLY!)

Because your roof is exposed to all of these issues it is not uncommon for your roof to get weak in the leak sensitive areas at joints in the roof. This is why the National Roofing contractors Association recommends that your roof be inspected at least once per year. It is recommended that your roof be inspected either before, or directly after the stormy winter season.  This will assure that your roof is prepared for the next winter season. This allows any leak sensitive areas that are showing wear can be fixed before they start allowing the water in.

Is there a Fungus Among Us?

I don’t know what it is, but moss and algae are getting out of control here in the Northwest. It is killing our grass, growing on our sidewalks and walkways, and ruining our roofs.

When we let Moss (The green fluffy stuff) and Algae (The black ugly stains) grow on our roof, it creates problems.

Not only does it affect the appearance of the outside of our home, but Moss and Algae also impair the performance of your roof as well.

The way that moss and algae affect the performance of your roof is simple. Moss and Algae are plants. Plants have roots. And when they dig into your roof, nothing good can come from it.

Call for Our Non Abrasive, Non Toxic Cleaning and Preservation

Most roof cleaners want to blast your roof with high water pressure. This peels layers of weather fighting roofing away. Cleaning your roof this way will shorten the life of your roof, and even cause leaks!

On top of that, most roof “Cleaners” will use toxic, and corrosive chemicals on your roof that temporarily kill fungus, but are very harmful to your roof and the environment. Many times these chemicals are not created by a manufacturer specifically for roof preservation and fungus elimination. The roofers actually come up with their own “blends” of materials. This practice leaves the material determination up to the roofer, and the mixing up to the man on the job which can leave a lot of room for interpretation. Who knows what you are actually getting on your roof!

Our exclusive process uses non abrasive cleaning methods that will not damage your roof. We use a concentrated preservation spray material that is made exclusively for roofing that our installers are certified by the manufacturer to mix for your application. And the bio degradable anti-fungal preservative we use will kill existing moss and algae and keep it away for up to 5 Years Guaranteed!*

Reasons Why Guardian is Your Best Choice for Roof Maintenance

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  • Actual Manufacturer Guarantee against Fungus Growth
  • Employees fully insured
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