Stop Wrestling with Clogged Gutters & Drainage Issues: K-Guard Gutter System – Guaranteed Clog Free for Life!

Guardian is proud to be the Exculsive K-Guard Gutter Guards Installer for the Pacific Northwest

Your home’s gutters are one of the most important parts of your roofing system, protecting your surroundings from too much water run-off and channeling all that water away from your foundation. Standard gutters can often get clogged and overflow, requiring repeated maintenance costing you precious time and money. Not to mention the safety risk of having to clean gutters by hand, while standing on a ladder and risking injury.

Introducing K-Guard with Leaf Guard Gutter Guards

K-Guard gutters are an engineered gutter system with the protection built right into the design. This makes for an attractive and sleek looking gutter profile that will not only enhance the look of your Pacific Northwest home, but also save you time and money by virtually maintenance free.

K-Guard Features

The K-Guard Advantage:

  • Strong: K-Guard gutters are manufactured using heavy duty aluminum and attach to your home using a patented high-strength hanger system. This prevents sagging and maintains the shape of the gutter guard system over time.
  • Long-Lasting: Because of its heavy duty aluminum construction, the K-Guard gutter guard system will not corrode over time.
  • Bigger is Better: K-Guard is a full 6-inch gutter system that’s able to handle much more water giving you peace of mind in even the heaviest of downpours
  • Simply Beautiful: The curvy design of K-Guard gutter guards is timeless and will add aesthetic appeal to your home for years to come.

K-Guard Gutter Guard with Leaf Guard

K-Guard versus the Competition

If you’re ready to stop wrestling with ladders and clogged gutters, call Guardian Roofing, Gutters & Insulation today at 877-926-9966 or request your free consultation with us online ยป

Attributes K-Guard Gutter Guard Competitors
Size Full 6-inch leaf free gutter system Made for 3 and 4 inch gutters
Complete System (Hood & Gutter) YES NO
Attaches to Fascia and Rafters YES NO
(attaches under roof shingles causing possible warranty issues)
Rear Drainage Channel YES
(two ways for water to drain)
(wind-blown water gets under roof shingle)
Engineered for your Home YES
(does not touch or interfere with roof and roof line)
(designed to go on existing gutter and does not usually fit with existing design)
Color matched YES
(the hood and gutter are made of the same material and color)
(tries to match existing gutter color)
Appearance Smooth-faced, crown-molding type of appearance Vertical face
(appears out of place)
Price Includes full 6-inch gutter and hood Includes topper product only. Gutter is extra
Prevents Gutter Leaks YES
(product includes a new gutter an hood)
(product attaches to existing gutter, regardless of their condition)