Attic Cleaning and Clean-outs

How often do you clean your attic? Once a year? Every few years? Never?

Clean Attic

The reality is many people don’t even know their attic should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain the health of their roof, attic and ultimately the home. Guardian Roofing and Pest Control is Western Washington’s preferred provider for Attic cleaning services! 

Clear the Clutter

Other than preventing you from finding things, a cluttered attic is a great environment for pests, rodents and insects. There are lots of dark corners and hiding places, and they don’t get disturbed too often by humans. You should go through an attic clean-out every 2-3 years. Not only will you get rid of stuff you don’t need and prevent a potential habitat for pests, but you will also clear out space to make it easier to replace any weakened insulation and prevent safety hazards from tripping hazards

When To Do An Attic Clean-out

Other than every 2-3 years, there are certain situations that call for a clean-out right away. The first indicator is your home’s inability to regulate its overall temperature in the more extreme seasons like winter and summer. Chances are these fluctuations are caused by insufficient or old insulation that needs to be removed and replaced. If you notice that your insulation isn’t adequate or is damp in certain spots, then you should clean out the area and replace it. The 2nd indicator is if there are signs of any type of pest infestation. The attic provides a warm, quiet environment that naturally draws pests in from the colder outside elements. You might see droppings, or bat guano, or holes in the wall where rodents could have snuck in. 

A Guardian Attic Clean-out

At Guardian Roofing & Gutters, we want to help you maintain the integrity and health of your attic with our thorough Attic Clean-out service. Our expert technicians will remove all old and infested insulation from the Attic area and deodorize the space with a non-toxic sanitation spray. Once the spray has set, the technician will seal off any entry points to prevent further pest invasion and finally, install new insulation into the cleaned and sanitized space. 

If you live in the State of Washington, schedule your inspection online or call 877-926-9966 to develop a plan to eliminate or prevent an infestation.