Many times, during a roof repair or replacement, Guardian Roofing will come across roof framing construction that has damage or dry rot to the point where it needs replacement or may no longer safely support the roof structure.  This is why Guardian provides full-service roof carpentry to ensure the long life and stability of your new roof. 

Common Carpentry and Roof Framing Issues 

Depending on the age and construction of your home, here are some of the more common issues: 

  • Old or Rotted Lumber including Trusses, Fascia, Barge Boards, etc. 
  • Shiplap Roof Decking (In most cases this is not an acceptable manufacturer specification – see link) 
  • Improper spacing of Roof Joists 
  • Wood framed Chimney Chases with decaying rot due to water intrusion
  • Sidewall, wood shingle and cedar, lap or wood siding 
  • Wood Framed Overhangs and Eaves around the Home 
  • Rafter Tails Exposed to Weather that Rotted 
  • Wood Framed Skylight Mounds or Decking from Sky Windows 

Work with the Experts

Whatever the situation, Guardian Roofing will look for any issues in your attic or around the exterior of your home during our thorough inspection process prior to a repair or replacement.  Call us today at 877-926-9966 or schedule your inspection online.