Chimney Sealing

Protect Your Home

Masonry Seal

The top portion of this mortar sample has been sealed. Notice the water beading off.

Why do you need to get your chimney sealed? When water gets on your chimney, it can saturate the mortar causing a variety of issues. Chimney sealing is a coating applied to exterior of the chimney to help prevent this saturation.

Mortar is very porous and sucks up water like a sponge and the cement cap at the top of most chimney’s is equally porous. During a long stretch of rainy days, your chimney can become water logged to the point where the water can get behind the roof flashing and into your home.

When water is soaked by your chimney’s mortar and temperatures reach freezing, the mortar and concrete can expand causing it to crack. This can seriously damage your chimney and allow even more water into your home. Without proper maintenance or sealing, this can lead to leaks and expensive chimney rebuilding.

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