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Guardian Roofing & Gutters Can Repair Your Damaged Gutters One Section at a Time

Technician getting new gutters ready for installation

A damaged or leaking gutter can lead to a whole host of other issues including mold growth, algae, roof leaks and damage to your home’s soffits. If you’d rather avoid having to replace all of the gutters on your home, call Guardian Roofing & Gutters at 877-926-9966 and we can repair your gutters, one section at a time.

Guardian Gutter Repair Services

Broken Gutters, Leaking

Leaking Gutters:

Certain types of metal gutters as well as Vinyl/PVC gutters can over time become rusted or brittle and cause leaks that may damage the edge of your roof and soffits. Guardian recommends long lasting galvanized and coated steel gutters with gutter guards installed to prevent debris and moisture buildup.

Damaged Gutter Downspout

Clogged or Broken Downspouts:

Over time, debris may build up in your downspouts that may cause them to separate from your gutters and cause spills and leaks. In multi-storied homes, upper level downspouts that have separated or are clogged can, over time, cause roof damage, leaks and unwanted moisture build-up. We recommend sealing your downspouts as well as re-routing them to keep your roof clear from any issues. Additionally we recommend the installation of gutter guards to keep debris out.

Improper gutter slope, damaged gutters

Improper Drainage & Gutter Pitch:

Due to debris build-up and wear and tear, the way certain gutters are attached to the side of your roof can cause them to develop the wrong pitch where they no longer drain towards to downspout. This can also be the result of faulty workmanship and improper installation. We can re-pitch your gutters to ensure proper drainage.

Gutter repair Seattle, Tacoma

Installation of Larger Gutters and/or Drain Boxes:

Guardian technicians can install larger gutters and drain boxes in areas that receive more drainage and/or debris from trees.

We also recommend the installation of gutter dome gutter guards for extra protection and a longer life-span.

If you have leaking gutters, broken down-spouts or debris build-up, we can repair your gutters without having to replace all of them. This is so that you can save time and money and maintain the beauty of your home and lifespan of its roof. Give us a call today at 877-926-9966, or request your FREE estimate online ยป