Spray Foam Insulation for Pacific Northwest Homes

A Cost Effective, Easy to Install and Energy Efficient Way to Insulate Your Seattle Home

With all of us facing hot summers and cold winters, it’s crucial to improve the energy efficiency of your home and there’s no better way to do that than with highly effective and affordable spray foam insulation. 

Spray Foam Insulation Seattle

What Makes Spray Foam Insulation So Effective?

Spray foam insulation is a synthetic material that starts out in liquid foam and then rapidly expands during installation. It’s also mold and water resistant making it an ideal candidate for insulating outside facing walls with ease. Guardian Roofing, Gutters & Insulation recommends closed cell attic spray foam for it’s high thermal insulation and ability to fill every crack due to its 60x expansion.

Once installed, spray foam insulation expands to seal all cracks and cures into a solid making it ideal to keep out allergens and other particles that may cause indoor air quality issues.

Benefits of Installing Spray Foam Insulation for Your Seattle, WA Home

  • Energy Efficient: Due to its ability to get into every nook and crack, spray foam insulation completely seals your walls and attic, thereby helping reduce energy costs
  • Easy To Install: Because spray foam insulation starts out in liquid form and rapidly expands once sprayed in, installation is highly versatile including in even the most hard to reach places.
  • Strengthens Your Home: Spray foam insulation, once cured turns into a rigid solid that can actually aid in the rigidity and stability of your home. With closed-cell spray foam insulation you get the additional benefit of water resistance.
  • Seals Your Home: Closed-cell spray foam insulation expands to seal every crack and open space in your attic and walls. This greatly reduces the amount of warm air that escapes your home in the winter and vice versa for the summer months.
  • Increased Comfort: Once fully insulated with spray foam, your home will feel more comfortable and cleaner as the risk for foul odors caused by moisture or outside air is greatly reduced.

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