Cedar Shake & Wood Shingles

The curb appeal of wood shingles and shakes creates a cozy first impression and introduces a natural touch to your home.

Your roof and siding are more than just protection against the elements, it’s an integral part of your home’s personality. Some roofs make a bold statement, while others are more understated. 

Cedar Shake Roofing Tacoma

While other roofing materials try to simulate the look of wood shingles, they can’t capture the unique qualities of such a natural material. Shingles and shakes are elegant, rustic and subtle all at the same time. While shakes and shingles may look similar, there is a difference between them.

Cedar Shingles

Cedar shingles have a number of benefits. They are much beloved for their economical price, aesthetic and protective abilities. They give homes a charming natural quality. They are also a symbol of quality and a good investment.  One of the great things about the shingles is the smooth, consistent appearance, Each one is tapered to be thicker on one end, while maintaining a uniform shape and size. Originally designed for homes with sophisticated architecture, the cedar shake is well-suited for classical, Victorian, Greek Revival or ranch style homes. A cedar shingle roofs life-span is also remarkably long. A well maintained shingle roof that receives regular cleaning and maintenance may last up to 30 years or more.

Cedar Shakes

Cedar shakes are more rugged than shingles. They have a rustic appearance and aren’t as uniform. Each shake varies from the ones surrounding it. Cedar shake roof life is also around 30 years, making them an outstanding investment for homes.

The rugged appearance of cedar shakes stems from the fact that their surface is rough-cut, with gouges and imperfections. This rough-cut surface resulted from the method of production. Traditionally, cedar shakes were made by hand, splitting the wood with a froe and mallet. This method imprinted the imperfections into the material. A cedar shake is much thicker than a cedar shingle. This thickness compensates for the crests and troughs along its width, which would cause weak points if the shakes were any thinner. As previously mentioned, cedar shakes were previously made by hand; fortunately with many advancements in technology, the shake making process is aided by machinery like automatic wood splitters and saws. On the roof, they create a picturesque element for cabins, country farmhouses and other such homes. 

While most homeowners select Cedar Shakes and Shingles for the picturesque element they add to their cabins, country farmhouses or cottages, the most important quality of this roofing material is their extreme durability, which is almost always dependent on the quality of wood.  The importance of high quality, properly made wood roofing materials is vital to the longevity of your roof. Wood grading is something to pay close attention to when choosing your cedar shingles or shakes for roofing or siding.

There are four grades of wood:

  • Grade 1: This grade 1 uses highest-quality wood available. It is guaranteed to be free of defects and will create a long-lasting roof or siding.
  • Grade 2: Some sapwood makes its way into grade 2 shingles, but, this is still a good-quality product. It is made from flat grain. There may be some knots and blemishes that will appear on the exposed part of the shingle or shake. It is also suitable for siding.
  • Grade 3: This is the budget option for those needing an underlayment of wood siding. It will have more permitted defects and blemishes than grade 2 lumber, and many of them will show on the exposed part of the shingle once the roof is installed. This grade is best suited for buildings like sheds.
  • Grade 4: The lowest-quality option available, this type of shingle should only be used for the underlayment on siding. It is not suitable for any type of exterior work.

Call Guardian When Your Shingle or Shake Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

If one or more of the shingles or shakes on your roof are showing any of these signs, it’s time to call Guardian: 877-926-9966

  • Splitting: If the split has rounded edges and the interior is a dull orange or grayish color, then the split is a result of natural weathering. However, if the split has sharp edges and a light orange color interior, then it’s an impact split, probably caused by hail or a falling branch. 
  • Curling or cupping: This occurs when a shingle or shake curls upward or looks distorted. They are part of the cedar wood’s natural weathering and aging process. This is a sign of wood stress caused by the sun’s UV rays and rain. However, if you can see the roofing felt or roof deck, then other problems may exist. If significant cupping or curling appears right after installation, it’s a sign of a poorly installed roof. 
  • Cracks or splitting: This is a result of the wood expanding and contracting over time from moisture and drying and is part of the roof’s aging. When tiny hairline cracks get larger, cedar shake or shingle replacement is highly recommended.
  • Fraying: This is caused by bottom edge rot. The decay is often the result of microorganisms, like moss, lichen or algae, that have been left untreated. It commonly occurs on homes where the roof receives mostly shade and never dries out completely after a rainfall.

If you have any of these issues, you should contact your insurance company to see if the replacement is covered under your policy. Then call Guardian at 877-926-9966 for your professional repair estimate.

Replacing Cedar Shingles or Shakes

Some homeowners may attempt to replace an individual cedar shake or cedar shingle themselves. This type of do-it-yourself roof repair could void your roofing warranty. Cedar roofing requires special skills, equipment, and care during installation. Only a certified cedar roofing company, like the experts at Guardian Roofing, should perform the repairs or replacement.

Here are a few key reasons why only Guardian Roofing experts should replace your cedar roofing shingles and shakes:

  • We know the replacement requirements for your roof design. Even if only one shingle or shake appears to be damaged, the entire row of shakes or shingles may need to be replaced to ensure proper performance. Sometimes you can’t see the extent of the damage from the ground.
  • We know the weak spots for different roof types and how to properly replace the cedar roofing to ensure that fasteners won’t fail and lead to roof leaks.
  • We can inspect other roofing materials and replace it as necessary.
  • We know how to perform shimming and other roof repair methods according to the style of the roof on your home and its condition.
  • We know how to treat underlying problems that may be causing damage to your cedar shingles or shakes.

Guardian Roofing is committed to living up to this criteria and much more. If you are looking for a roof repair contractor please call us today at 877-926-9966 or complete our online service request form.