Concrete and Light Weight Tile Roofing

In the Pacific Northwest, Concrete Tile roofs are typically made of Portland concrete and come in many shapes and styles as well as standard and light weight depending on the structure. Each concrete tile is hung on vertical battens to create a strong, durable and beautiful roof covering.

Tile is less common than other types of roofing in the Pacific Northwest but at Guardian Roofing we work on tile roofs every day and perform routine maintenance, repairs, and replacements on them. At Guardian, we consider ourselves the foremost experts in concrete tile roofing. Matt Swanson, Owner and Founder, worked for a tile manufacturer early in his career and has trained and educated our roofing technicians on proper installation, maintenance, and care for tile roofing.


Moss and debris are two common enemies of a concrete tile roof system. Guardian can clean moss and debris on tile roofing in valley areas, behind chimneys as well as skylights. Additionally, we offer our Guardian Roof Protection Plan to provide routine roof inspections and removal of heavy debris. 

  • Moss and Algae on a tile roof is not only unsightly it can reroute water under tile and cause leaks. 
  • Debris in valleys, wall areas, and behind chimneys and skylights will cause water to jump flashings, damage underlayment, and inevitably enter the home. Repairs are needed to fix faulty installation, and component failure
  • Common repairs necessary on concrete tile roof systems including repairing broken or cracked tiles, plumbing and heating flashings, defective underlayment, and wall flashings. 
  • Plumbing flashings will need to be replaced periodically. 
  • Valley, wall, and ridge flashings can need replaced due to tile weight.  The weight of tile can compromise water channels that prevent leaking. 
  • Underlayment can decompose over time needed tiles to be pulled and reset.
  • Tiles will break over time from, roof traffic, freeze thaw, expansion and contraction
  • Defective workmanship or improper installation methods are common on tile roof systems. 
  • The tile spacing and overlap, lack of anti-ponding foam, valley cuts, and ventilation are some of the most prevalent. 

Guardian Roofing recommends proactive maintenance and roof inspections to extend the life of your concrete tile roof. Please call our office today at 877-926-9966 for concrete tile replacement, repairs, cleaning or maintenance.