Pest Control Protection Plan

Preventing pest infestations at your home or workplace is an ongoing process. You must be diligent and follow all the best practices to avoid contamination. It may not be something you want to think about every day, however. Guardian Pest Control has a protection plan that will keep your home safe from pests by monitoring and inspecting the premises on a regular basis.

Is Your Home At Risk?

There are many reasons why your home could be inviting to creepy crawlies and critters.

  • Food has been left out or food containers not properly sealed
  • Improper sealing of your roof and attic
  • Firewood piles attract pests and rodents
  • Cracks and gaps that could be an access point for insects and rodents
  • Nearby construction can often stimulate pests

How Guardian Pest Control Can Help

Guardian Pest Control’s protection plan will help you prevent a pest infestation without even having to give it another thought. Guardian will do all the work for you. Among the services included in the protection plan are:

  • Inspections, along with a written report of the findings
  • A pest control strategy tailored to your home or business
  • Preventative maintenance advice and service to keep pests away
  • Emergency and weekend service
  • Friendly technicians and customer service support

If you think you might benefit from the ease of a protection plan, contact Guardian Pest Control to discuss a pest control program that will keep pests away.