Ductwork Insulation For Seattle, WA Homes

Reduce Your Utility Bills With Insulated Air Ducts

Throughout the day and night, temperatures in your attic can vary a great deal and this of course can impact your ductwork. Most air ducts are made of either metal or a metal flex material and can very quickly absorb the heat or cold around them impacting the effectiveness of the cooled or heated air passing through them. Insulated air ducts suffer less temperature loss and can help greatly increase both the efficiency and lifespan of your HVAC equipment. This can also help reduce your monthly energy bills.

Attic with Spray Foam Insulation

How Air Duct Insulation Works

Air ducts passing through your attic are insulated with the same type of closed-cell spray foam insulation, which will not only insulate the ducts, but also air seal them. When combined with attic air sealing and attic insulation, your homes efficiency will be noticed considerably, reducing your energy bills and keeping your homes temperature right where it should be.

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