Attic Insulation To Help Prevent Attic Mold Growth

In the Pacific Northwest, Attic Sealing and Insulation Can Help Prevent Attic Mold Growth

Properly installed attic ventilation combined with Attic Air Sealing & Attic Insulation can help prevent mold growth, especially in the more humid climate of the Pacific Northwest. Mold growth can cause a variety of issues including poor indoor air quality, allergic reactions and wood rot. In addition to preventing mold, insulating and air sealing your attic can also lower your monthly energy costs due to less cooled or heated air being lost.

How Mold Growth Occurs

Many times, the vent fans from bathrooms are not properly sealed when entering the attic causing moisture build-up and eventually mold growth. Additionally improper ventilation of your roof and attic are to blame as outside moisture may enter your attic, but not exit properly.

Blown-in Insulation

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