Velux Certified Installer

Skylights & Solar Tubes for Seattle Homes

Brighten Your Pacific Northwest Home with Natural Light through Skylights

Guardian Roofing, Gutters & Insulation is a Velux Certified Installer for the greater Seattle area and able to provide all of Velux’s high quality products including solar powered, electric and manual operation skylights as well as Velux SolaTubes.

Skylights in Office

Natural Light, Fresh Air and Energy Efficient

Skylights are a great addition to any home as they’re a great source of natural light as well as fresh air. Velux uses a high quality advanced glass for better energy efficiency and higher light transmission.

Protection from Leaks

Velux have designated their skylights as “No Leak Skylights” through the inclusion of three layers of water protection as well as a patented sealing technology. Velux skylights sit lower than other brands and are more aesthetically compatible with the architectural features of your home and roof.

Federal Tax Credits

Installation of Velux solar powered skylights or solar shades automatically qualifies you for a 30% federal solar tax credit. The percentage of this will be calculated based on your total installation cost and can be provided by Guardian installers for you.

Sun Tunnel Skylights

If you have an area of your home that needs more natural light, but doesn’t have immediate access to your roof due to an attic, we recommend the installation of a Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight, also known as a Solatube or Solar Tube.

Certified Installation from Guardian

If you’re ready to brighten your home with skylights or solar tubes, call Guardian Roofing, Gutters & Insulation at 877-926-9966, or request your free estimate online ยป