Wind Damage Repair

One of the most damaging forces our homes face is high winds. Even if there isn’t any hail or heavy rain, your roof may still sustain some damage. Wind doesn’t uniformly affect the roof. Corners and edges where wind can pull shingles up are more affected by wind than the larger flat areas nearer the center of the roof. If left unattended to in a reasonable amount of time the roof can become unrepairable and require a roof replacement. Anywhere the wind can get under the roofing material and pull it up creates a peeling effect that only gets worse over time.

The material that is peeled back exposes insulation and wood to dry rot, water damage, and leaks. The uneven stresses that high winds place on the roof doesn’t just affect loss shingles and edging material, it can also cause the roof to bend and shift slightly. Over time, this may cause small cracks to occur in the shingles near nails and flashing. These cracks can then create leaks and be further susceptible to more wind damage.

“We had the unfortunate timing of torrential rainfall delaying the repair of our roof eaves, but Joe was so helpful. He even came back to reinstall our gutter that inadvertently got knocked off our roof from a falling tree branch when he was getting ready to leave! We will use Guardian again for any of our roof concerns.”

- Roof Repair in Auburn on Feb 11th, 2017

Wind isn’t always just moving air. Tree branches, trash, and other debris can sometimes be more damaging than the wind itself.  Tree branches can bend significantly in high winds before they break. Branches near the roof may scratch and gouge roofing materials when the branches are blown by the wind. Falling branches from overhanging trees can damage, or even puncture, your roof and roof

If you do experience damaging winds, you should have a complete roof inspection by an experienced roofing contractor immediately. Any damage can cause small leaks to occur, which you may not notice until you discover soggy sheetrock or black mold. The result can be very expensive and time consuming to repair.

There are several items you should address after you have high winds:

  • Visually inspect your roof. You don’t necessarily have to climb around up there, but notice the condition of your shingles, flashing, chimney and vents. Look for shingles that are curled, cracked, torn or completely missing. Different roofing materials respond differently to damage.
  • Wood shingles may be split or curled. They are also susceptible to mold and decay.
  • Flat roofs, patio roofs, and carports may have obvious cracks or tears. Look for visible signs of leaks and standing water that may cause further damage.
  • Bent or cracked flashing around chimneys, soffits, pipe vents and ridge vents can cause leaks.
  • Chimneys should be inspected for damaged brick and mortar.
  • Decay and stains on shingles, soffits and fascias can indicate damage and potential leaks.
  • Gutters should be routinely inspected for decay, rust, and leaks. Gutters should be tightly attached to the house, without and bent, sagging or missing sections. Clogged gutters can cause water to seep under roof edges, damage soffits and puts added weight on the fasteners holding the gutters in place.
  • Interior areas should be inspected, too. Attic rafters and insulation should be inspected for damp areas. Interior drywall and ceilings should be inspected for moisture, discoloration, and peeling paint.

If your roof has been damaged, it’s important to get it fixed as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage will occur. After you document any damage with photographs, call your insurance company to determine if you should file a claim. Also, document any work that is done, like covering the damaged areas with a tarp, and keep receipts if you do file a claim.

Choosing a reliable, honest, and dependable roofing company to make your repairs is vital. After storms and high winds, many “repair” companies claim they can repair your roof cheaply and quickly, but many times don’t do the work properly, if at all. Reputable companies should be based in the area with extensive repair histories and customer reviews. They should readily provide business licenses, insurance, certification and Better Business Bureau rating information upon request.

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