Moss Proof Treatment

Stop Cleaning your Roof, Make it MossProof™!

Your roof has an exterior coating that shields its core from weather and UV rays. This coating is also responsible for the appearance of your roof.

UV rays can, over time, deteriorate your roof and cause it to fail. It’s important therefore to keep your roof clean and prevent moss and algae from ever growing. Moss and algae re essentially tiny plants, whose root systems can dislodge your roofs protective coating. Cleaning your roof removes these tiny plants by pulling them off much like a bandaid. The exposed and damaged coating left behind however can weaken your roof.

How to keep the Moss from coming back

At Guardian, we’ve spent years developing and fine-tuning a safe process that keeps your roof clean and long lasting. We saw how other cleaning methods did more damage than good and this helped us refine our cleaning and moss proofing process.

If you are a homeowner who wants to make your roof last by keeping moss off of your roof call 877-926-9966 or schedule your free inspection. We’ll schedule an evaluation with one of our roofing experts who will inspect your roof providing you with a detailed report. This is a complimentary service, there is no obligation to buy anything.