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Janet’s Leaking Tile And Aging Skylights (Seattle)

It Comes as No Surprise That Weather Can Be the Most Taxing on Your Roof. The harsh seasons of the Seattle Metropolitan area are no joke. Choosing a roofing material for your geolocation is imperative to your roof’s longevity. All roofing has pros and cons with a quality installation being just as important as the […]

Home Alteration Fails Due To Lack Of Ventilation In Seattle, WA

It’s No Secret That Moisture Can Be Your Roof’s Kryptonite. Moisture can lead to condensation, mold, shingle deterioration, structure damages, and so much more. Poor installation, inexperienced contractors and materials that are less than ideal all can be working against your roofing health and decreasing its longevity. Living in the rainy Seattle area further exposes […]

Bernadette’s New Twilight Roofing (Edgewood, WA)

Hot, sunny, and somewhat humid summers alternate between cold, snowy winters, challenging your roofing and ventilation systems with every drop of water and ray of sunshine that hits your house. The Seattle Metro area is a prime example from the 90°F days in July to the 15°F nights throughout winter. The fluctuating hot and cold […]

Julie’s Roofing Allergy Solution (Seattle)

It’s No Secret That There Are Multiple Variables to Consider When Deciding on Which Roofing Material Is Best for Your Home Color, longevity, cost and materials all play a role in what could be one of the most costly decisions regarding your home build or renovation. This is especially true for those who have allergies […]

Halo Project: The Lenihan Family (Enumclaw)

At Guardian Roofing & Gutters, We Believe It’s Incredibly Important to Give Back and Take Care of Our Community. That is why every year since our inception, the Guardian Family takes some time to determine how we can best give back to our community in a way that is unique to us. In 2018 we […]

David’s Mossy Roof Restoration (Auburn)

It’s No Surprise That the Seattle Metropolitan Area Is Wet Rain makes up most of our weather allowing your roofing to be a prime place for moss and other vegetation to grow. If not routinely maintained, your roofing is subject to detrimental damage. Moss thrives in areas that are shaded, cool and damp, if this […]