David’s Mossy Roof Restoration (Auburn)

It’s No Surprise That the Seattle Metropolitan Area Is Wet

Rain makes up most of our weather allowing your roofing to be a prime place for moss and other vegetation to grow. If not routinely maintained, your roofing is subject to detrimental damage. Moss thrives in areas that are shaded, cool and damp, if this describes your roof it’s time to take a look and schedule a service today!

Mossy Roof Before
Mossy Roof After Cleaning

So There’s Moss. What’s Next?

First, don’t fret. Your roofing is probably salvageable. Contact our team for a consultation to see how we can save your roofing. After booking, we will be able to find a company that has the correct equipment to perform a high volume, low pressure rinse. It is very important to not use high pressure, over 900 psi, or a corrosive chemical. After finding the correct equipment and material for your specific needs we then create a plan.

Look at How We Were Able to Help David!

David noticed he had a thick blanket of moss growing on his composition roofing . A really, really thick blanket of moss. We definitely do not recommend letting your roofing go this long without cleaning and maintenance. After scheduling a consultation with our team, we began by removing the heaviest moss by hand and performed a high water volume, low pressure rinse to remove the rest of the moss. We also removed the chimney crown that moisture and moss had destroyed as the photos show.

Moss & Moisture Destroyed Chimney
Moss taking over a roof

We quickly noticed by taking photos, moisture readings and checking the moss adhering to the granules, that the chimney cap and ridge shingles had been destroyed. Luckily trained professionals were able to remove the moss. They also replaced the ridge. Our team lastly restored the chimney by cleaning and replacing the crown.

New Chimney Crown
Moss removed from Roof

Thankfully, our Guardian team was able to restore the roof, perform a personalized moss removal cleanse, and replace the ridge to the chimney. They also applied a three year moss treatment adding many years to this roofing’s longevity!

If your roof is in need of cleaning, maintenance, or moss removal, don’t wait! Call 877-926-9966 or schedule a consultation with our experienced team today!