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Does moss damage my roof?

Does moss on my roof mean I need a new roof? Silent yet invasive, the presence of moss or algae stains on your roof does not necessarily equate with needing a new roof. Often times all a roof needs is a thorough cleaning to restore your roof to its original condition and good health. Don’t be misled […]

50 Year Roof Ruined By Moss

Have you ever wondered how moss actually affects your roof? Watch this short video to learn more!

What Moss Does to Your Roof and How to Keep Your Roof Clean

Many homeowners in the Seattle, Tacoma, or Bellevue area experience Roof Moss and Algae. Most people understand that this stuff makes the outside of their home un-attractive, but are unaware of how destructive the plants can be to their roof. The short video will show you what Roof Moss and Algae do, as well as […]