Bernadette’s New Twilight Roofing (Edgewood, WA)

Hot, sunny, and somewhat humid summers alternate between cold, snowy winters, challenging your roofing and ventilation systems with every drop of water and ray of sunshine that hits your house. The Seattle Metro area is a prime example from the 90°F days in July to the 15°F nights throughout winter. The fluctuating hot and cold temperatures can damage everything from asphalt shingles to flashing to drainage.

Roof Vent

Roof vents help circulate air and keep your home cooler.

Next to weather and moisture, poor ventilation is the leading cause in decreased roofing longevity. Not only can moist air become trapped and turn to mold and mildew but it can also cause your upstairs to maintain warm temperatures. When your home isn’t adequately ventilated, it’s common for warm air to become trapped since it doesn’t have an effective escape route. 

One of our customers was experiencing an unusual amount of warm air in her home. After contacting Guardian Roofing & Gutters, our experts for an inspection, we went to Bernadette’s home to find not only that her Shiplap roofing was out of code, but that she needed some significant ventilation upgrades.

  • House was incredibly hot in the summer
  • Insulation filled the air cavity and created a lack of ventilation

If you suffer from warm temperatures in your home it could be from poor insulation. Call Guardian Roofing at 877-926-9966 for an inspection today!

So your home is unusually warm. What now?

Your home is warm and it is probably due to poor ventilation. Attic moisture builds up not just from weather and outside humidity but also from cooking, showering, washing the dishes, and any type of water usage.  Without good ventilation, the summer sun can cause an unhealthy buildup of excess heat.  Overheating combined with moisture can crack shingles and damage roof decking as well as cause mold. This means that the attic space not only needs a method for the heat and humidity to escape, but proper intake of fresh air as well. During the winter, efficient ventilation helps maintain a cool roofing system, mixing cool air from outside with attic air and melting less snow on the roof.

Filled Air Cavity

See how we helped Bernadette

Bernadette’s home was unusually warm,  And decided it was time to call a professional. When we arrived at her home we could see that the Shiplap was out of code. Upon further inspection we noticed that The ventilation was inadequate , and the air cavity needed to ventilate the home was completely blocked by insulation. First, we installed a correct ventilation system allowing air to enter the roof cavity low on the home, and exhaust at the ridge. Then we installed cardboard baffles to compress the insulation and create an air space for air to travel through to ventilate the home and lower the temperature.

Air Flow Baffles
Baffled Ridge Vent System

Not only did we give Bernadette a new ventilation system and roofing deck, but we also installed brand new to the market, Owen’s Corning Oakridge shingles in twilight black. Oakridge® shingles provide premium protection and aesthetically pleasing curb appeal. They offer a larger surface for nailing zones to protect against weather and increase the longevity of your roofing. 

If you think your roofing is needing an update, new ventilation, or even routine maintenance, don’t wait! Call Guardian Roofing & Gutters today at 877-926-9966, or schedule your inspection online »