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Welcome to our blog! We have started this roofing blog to provide local Puget Sound homeowners with usual roofing and home maintenance tips for their homes! Be sure to check back frequently to check out the new blog posts!

Guardian’s Award Winning Service

Guardian Roofing has some exciting news! We have recently received two prestigious awards during the 2022 Owens Corning Roofing Platinum Conference in San Antonio, Texas in April. Guardian Roofing received the Western Region MVP and the 2022 Excellence Award. The 3-day conference celebrated the service and success of North America’s top contractors.  The Western Region […]

Guardian Roofing & Gutters’ Halo Project Roof Giveaway Enters Its Fourth Year!

About The Guardian Halo Project Guardian Roofing & Gutters believes it’s incredibly important to give back and take care of our community. After all, to whom much is given, much should be expected, and Guardian Roofing & Gutters has been given so much in the form of their team and their clients. That is why […]

Guardian Roofing & Gutters Press Release

In alignment with taking time to highlight women and their impact on the world for March’s National Women’s History Month and Women in Construction Week, Guardian Roofing and Gutters has big news to share. Lori Swanson, a second-generation roofer and business owner, founded Guardian Roofing in 2005 with her husband , Matt Swanson. Prior to […]

How Can Gutters Help During Heavy Rain Season?

In the Pacific Northwest, we get some very wet weather. Sometimes, this means blowing rain and snow, other times it means very heavy downpours. This means having high-quality, efficient rain gutters on your home is essential. We all know the purpose of rain gutters is to direct the rain water down off your roof and […]

Guardian Metal Roofing: Seattle and the Pacific Northwest

The original version of this article appears on the Classic Metal Roofing website » Matt and Lori Swanson are well-versed in the challenges metal roofing faces in the Pacific Northwest. Guardian Home is a local, family-owned business proudly serving the Seattle area for 16 years now.  “We have a great understanding of a roof system […]

Top 5 Signs You Need New Gutters With Gutter Guards

Gutters were created specifically for a continuously wet environment like the PAcific Northwest.  The function of gutters is to guide rainwater off the roof and drain it away from the foundation of your home. By removing the water and channeling it fat away prevents damage to your home and your landscaping. Without gutters, runoff water […]

Do I need Gutters for my home in the Northwest?

As usual, the winter weather in the Pacific Northwest is rainy and snowy. While the temperatures aren’t frigid and rarely dip below freezing, it rains nearly everyday. If that doesn’t bother you, then you’re in the right place. However, this year, the weather is snowier, wetter, and windier this year than usual. And, the winter […]

Snow Damage Prevention

Start  By Being Proactive Most people love the idea of a white Xhristmas. But, most of us don;t want to deal with some of the down sides of all that snow. Wintertime in cooler, wetter climates, like the Pacific Northwest, presents a unique set of issues in the home that are not apparent during the […]

Storm-proof Your Roof

The arrival of heavy, cool-seasonal rains over the Pacific Northwest may seem encouraging, since the wetter weather chips away at a years-long drought. But, these storm systems also blast Washington State with heavy rain and mountain snow. As winter storms head east, it plasters our homes and businesses with snow, howling winds and heavy rain. […]