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Trusted Roofers in Redmon for Roof Inspections, Roof Repairs, and Roof Replacements 

Guardian Roofing is your Redmond roofer company that provides the roofing services you need. We started Guardian Roofing to help our clients solve their roofing problems. We want our customers to know quality service and have the best work available for roof repairs and replacement.

Your roof is a major investment and should be treated as such. Don’t settle for less than the best in finding a quality roof contractor in Redmond. Guardian Roofing contractors can work with a variety of roof materials including concrete, metal, PVC and torch down roofs. To beautify your property, we can install asphalt and slate shingles, clay tiles, wood shakes and more.

If your roof is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced, we are the Redmond roofing company you need to get the job done right. Contact us today at 877-926-9966.

21-Point Inspection Plan for Your Roof

When the time is calm and no storm on the horizon, that’s the best time to conduct a roof inspection for any necessary repairs. You don’t want your roof in a horrible state before heavy rains or the winter season. At that time, it will be difficult to actually assess what repairs are necessary for your roof.

Instead of waiting until it’s too late, schedule routine inspections to make sure that your roof can withstand basic wear and tear and that it is in good condition to face the winter season.

Guardian Roofing has a thorough 21-point inspection program that checks and reviews all aspects of your roof. We will identify any potential problem areas and give you a detailed report on how to address them. Contact Guardian Roofing to schedule one of our expert roofing contractors to do your roof inspection today.

Redmond Roof Maintenance Services

Having an effective roof maintenance program helps you to plan your roof repair expenses and keep better track of roofing costs. Roof maintenance also prolongs the life of your roof so that you can have the value of your investment for longer.

Guardian Roofing develops a custom-designed preventative roof maintenance program for all our clients. Our team of expert contractors will work with you to ensure that you have the right maintenance plan in place for the health of your roof.

We work with property managers, residential customers, and commercial business owners to develop the roof maintenance plan that best suits their needs. Contact us today to discuss your roof maintenance needs.

Fast, Affordable Roof Repair Services

Are you experiencing a leaking roof? What about a foul odor or musty scent in your attic? If your roof is leaking, you may have mold growing in your attic. And with water seeping through your roof, you could have structural damage that you’re unaware of.

Guardian Roofing offers fast, affordable, quality roof repairs for residents and business owners across Redmond. Our experienced contractors have the necessary skills to quickly repair any damage that your roof may have. And our inspection services will make sure that we capture all aspects of damage for a comprehensive repair and restoration checklist where necessary. Request a Guardian Roofing contractor today.

Roof Replacement and Installation Services

When your roof has reached the end of its useful life, or it has been damaged beyond repair, your roof needs to be replaced. Reroofing is a daunting task with having to find the right contractor and an adorable yet quality service.

Guardian Roofing is the Seattle area roofing company you can trust to deliver the best reroofing service in Redmond. Our roofing contractors are highly trained and equipped to install new roofs. Our fully licensed roofers are ready to get your new roof in place quickly with less stress to you.

Contact us today at 877-926-9966 to discuss your reroofing needs and how quickly we can get your new roof in place.

Algae Removal and Roof Cleaning Services

Proper roof cleaning is not an easy DIY task. DIY roof cleaning can be potentially dangerous for you since you will be on your roof with no prior training. Plus, unless you have the right cleaning solutions and proper tools, you will damage your roof. Scrubbing, brushing, or taking aim at the moss with high pressured water are never good options for cleaning your roof.

If you want to forego the hassle of DIY roof cleaning and instead have your cleaning done by expert roofing contractors, contact Guardian Roofing. Our cleaning solution is non-toxic and non-abrasive which means we won’t damage your roof.

Let us get your roof the cleanest and prevent moss regrowth for up to 5 years. Call us at 877-926-9966 to schedule your moss removal and moss prevention service today.