Hire the Best Mukilteo, WA, Roofing Contractor for Roof Replacements & Repairs

If you’re looking for a dependable roofing contractor in Mukilteo, WA, call the team at Guardian Roofing. We’re pros at installing brand new roofs, making repairs, and installing replacement roofs. We provide residential and commercial roofing services.

Our roofers are licensed and experienced tradesmen and women. They are vetted, screened, and trustworthy. You can expect outstanding workmanship, great service, and courteous interactions. 

Do you prefer a specific kind of roofing material for your residential or commercial roof? Our teams are experienced in installing all materials, including asphalt shingle, clay tile, cement tile, composite, cedar shake, slate, metal, BUR, Liquid Rubber, EPDM, torch-down, and more.

Clean that Black Mold Off Your Mukilteo Roof

When it comes to dark patches and streaks on your roof, mold is the culprit. Mold is an organism that grows, spreads, and thickens with time. It can completely cover a roof and change its color.

The good news is that black mold can be removed, and the original color of your roof restored. 

Call Guardian Home roofing for a quote to clean your roof. We use safe solutions that kill mold down to its roots, so it won’t grow back quickly. We never pressure-wash asphalt shingle roofs since the granules must be maintained for the integrity of the shingles.

Get Your Mukilteo Roof Inspected by Guardian Roofing

Keep major repairs to a minimum by scheduling regular inspections that will reveal problem areas early. Guardian Home roofers conduct 21-point inspections in which they physically examine every inch of your roof. These inspections show up weaknesses in the decking and materials, worn areas, damage caused by weather events or falling branches, and areas of vulnerability. 

Home- and business owners can be confident that a Guardian Home inspection will be thorough and will result in a report plus a written plan of recommended action steps.

Call Guardian Home to schedule a roofing inspection today at 877-926-9966.

Maintain Your Roof to Ensure Its Longevity

Being proactive about inspecting your roof and taking care of it will result in a healthy roof that lasts as long as it should (different materials have different lifespans). Take advantage of Guardian Home’s roofing maintenance program to get regular inspections and repairs.

A maintained roof develops fewer problems and leaks. Taking care of all the various parts of a roof, including fascia, flashing, ridge caps, and vents, means that you’ll rarely be surprised by a big problem unless it’s related to an unexpected event such as a fire or storm or tree falling.

Interested in a maintenance program for your Mukilteo roof? Call us at 877-926-9966.

Mukilteo Roof Replacement and Repairs

If it’s time to get your commercial or residential roof replaced, call Guardian Roofing. We’ll do the job for you. 

Our Mukilteo roofs have a reputation for being quality installations, and our crews are known for being efficient and hard-working. Moreover, we are respectful of property and make sure we leave it as clean as we found it. Our roofers are licensed and certified and produce roofs that are robust and last a long time.

Mukilteo, WA, Residential and Commercial Roof Repair Services

A home or building consists of several key structural components, and the roof is at the top of the list. It covers and protects everything below it and lends strength and integrity to the whole building. Keep your roof well maintained so that it performs optimally its entire life.

Even the best roof develops vulnerabilities as it ages. Materials wear out; insects and rodents gnaw and chew at supports, sheathing, and felt; seals deteriorate; moisture invades and rots; and more. 

Guardian Home roofers make all repairs to residential and commercial roofs. Call us today if your Mukilteo, WA, roof needs repairing or replacing.