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Guardian Roofing – Expert Roofing Contractors in Silverdale, WA

Guardian Roofing is your premier roofing contractor in Silverdale, WA. When you need quality roofing services, our contractors are available to service a variety of roofing needs. With expert craftsmanship and professional service, our roofing solutions will protect your home or office building.

Our Roofing Services in Silverdale, WA:

  • Metal Roofing Installations & Repairs
  • Concrete Roofing Installations & Repairs
  • PVC Roofing Installations & Repairs
  • Clay Tiles Installations & Maintenance
  • Shingles Installation & Maintenance (Asphalt and Slate)
  • Wood Shakes Installations & Maintenance
  • Roof Inspections
  • Moss Proofing
  • Roof Maintenance
  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof Installations

Find Your Silverdale Roofer at Guardian Roofing

Guardian Roofing is staffed with fully licensed and insured contractors that work safely and efficiently. You can rest assured that when you contract a Guardian Roofer, they are screened and background checked for your safety. They are also expertly trained and have years of experience installing and repairing roofs across Washington.

All our contractors have received the Technician Seal of Safety that highlights the level of checks undertaken including drug testing, background checks, and to show that they are professionally trained. We are dedicated to the safety of you and your family and will leave nothing to chance. When you employ the finest roofing contractors that Silverdale has to offer, you get a Guardian Roofing contractor that leaves you with peace of mind.

Roof Replacement and Repairs in Silverdale

There are certain obvious signs that your roof needs to be repaired. Some of these include:

  • The shingles on your roof are curling and buckling or the shingle tabs are cupped
  • Cracked roof shingles
  • Missing roof shingles leaving bald spots on your roof
  • Your roof is getting old, over 20 years old
  • Your roof has endured a lot of wear and tear and now looks old and worn
  • Your roof was damaged in a storm
  • You’re seeing daylight through the roof and water is coming in

When you are experiencing these issues, your roof needs either repairs or replacement depending on the level of damage.

Don’t know whether you need to repair or replace your roof?

If you are unsure whether the state of your roof needs just repairs or you need to invest in replacing the roof, the roofing contractors at Guardian Roofing can help. With their knowledge and firsthand experience with various roofing issues, they can assess your property and determine the best course of action.

You can trust our contractors to tell you the truth and they will not try to lead you down the wrong route.

Roof Maintenance Service in Silverdale, Washington

Ongoing roof maintenance helps to stem a lot of problems. With routine roof maintenance, your contractors can identify issues that can affect your roof in the long run. Our roof maintenance services are preventive measures that protect your valuable investments.

Being on a roofing plan with Guardian Roofing, you can:

Prolong the life of your roof.

You can make your roof last longer with quality maintenance services. Keeping it durable with minor repairs, cleaning, sealing, or replacing damaged shingles can go a far way in extending your roof’s longevity.

Avoid costly repairs.

This is especially important as, without maintenance, you could lose your roofing warranty and have to find the funds out of pocket for costly repairs.

Prevent or control damage to the roof.

Leaks are not always obvious until they become a major problem. With ongoing maintenance, you can pick up on leaks sooner and fix them before they cause more problems or further damages.

Prevent health issues.

When you have undetected leaks in your roof, this can lead to mildew and mold growth. This will affect the internal air quality and can affect your sinuses. This again is one of the major reasons why you need roof maintenance to find and fix those leaks from early.

Just make your home look good.

No one wants to have their house being the worst looking one on the street. Peeling shingles, missing tiles, broken slabs. It is not a pretty sight. Instead, you can keep that pleasant aesthetic appeal that you had from when you first got your new roof. Maintenance services, especially by Guardian Roofing, helps to keep your roof looking like new.

While the integrity of your roof will diminish over time, you can still extend the life and usefulness of your roof. With Guardian Roofing contractors, you are assured of comprehensive maintenance services that keep your roof working longer to cover your home and contents.

Silverdale Roof Contractors

When there’s a major disaster such as a storm, you know that you need to have your roof checked, even if you did not see any obvious damage. But, even without a major event, you still need to keep your roof in the best manner possible with scheduled repairs and routine maintenance services.

Ensure your roofing inspections are done by a qualified professional roofing contractor. Schedule your roof inspections today with Guardian Roofing.