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Gutter Installation Tacoma WA

Tacoma gets an impressive 39 inches of rainfall every year, and all that water falls on roofs. Homes and commercial buildings in Tacoma need gutterGutter Services Tacoma systems to carry that water safely away. If you are a home- or business owner who needs a reliable Tacoma gutter contractor, call Guardian Home Services at 877-926-9966. We’re an established company that provides expert gutter installation services to our customers in Tacoma.

Dependable Tacoma Gutter Installation Services

You may not have lived in Tacoma for long, but you surely know that our buildings must have gutters to manage the heavy amount of rain this area receives. Roofs without gutters dump water onto sidewalks, foundation plants, wooden railings and decks, and concrete patios. Worst of all, the water pools around the bottom of exterior walls.

When roof runoff sits around a foundation, it seeps into cracks in the slab. It also works its way into basements, causing mold problems or even flooding. Obviously, water in a foundation slab or in a basement causes bigger problems that no one wants to deal with. The preventive strategy for avoiding these scenarios is installing a gutter system with downspouts that direct roof runoff away from structures.

Gutters Come in Different Sizes

Gutters range from four to seven inches across. Normally in Tacoma, we install five-inch gutters on houses and six-inch gutters on commercial buildings. On large roofs with steep pitches, we’ll occasionally put on oversized seven-inch channels. Some small homes with flatter roofs can get by with four-inch channels. The size of gutter system we install comes down to how large a roof is (how much water the gutters have to handle) and the pitch of the roof (how fast the water comes off it).

We Install Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are channel systems formed from a continuous roll of metal, produced on site. Gutter machines mounted inside covered trailers turn flat strips of metal into channels that can be made exactly the length of each roof portion. While traditional gutters had joints that leaked over time as sealant dried and curled, seamless gutters are much more leak-proof.

Types of Gutters

At Guardian Home, we carry and install several kinds of gutters, including K-line, fascia-style, low-profile (sometimes called Barbie), colored, copper, half-round, and galvanized. Some home- and business owners have a gutter style preference. Where no preference is expressed, we will recommend the best options.

Gutter Repair and Maintenance Tacoma

Gutter systems must be maintained, just like all other structural systems. When kept in good condition, gutters will do what they’re supposed to do properly and for a long time.

One thing that happens to gutters is that they begin to sag. This happens when the spikes attaching the channels to fascia board start to work loose. As they pull out, the gutters no longer sit tightly against the fascia. A little sagging is not a problem, but when whole lengths of gutter pull away, they become unsightly, the building looks neglected, and the channels don’t hold water as well.

Gutters can get damaged by strong winds and falling branches. Strong winds may grab the end of a channel that is already loose and simply rip it away from the building. Tree branches crush gutters or dent them so that they no longer hold water.

Guardian Home gutter repair crews are experts at repairing all kinds of damage and providing preventive maintenance to keep problems from developing. They replace loose spikes, reattach sagging sections, fix bent areas, and replace damaged portions. Call Guardian Health for gutter replacement Tacoma and gutter repair Tacoma.

We Recommend Gutter Guards on Your Tacoma Building

Gutter guards go by several names, including filters, covers, screens, and panels. Gutter guards are plates of fine steel mesh that attach across the tops of gutter channels. While water can still freely enter the gutter, debris cannot. Gutter guards keep out leaves, twigs, asphalt shingle granules, small balls and toys, animals, snakes, bugs, and dirt.

At Guardian Home, we encourage our clients to install gutter guards. The cost of gutter guards is very reasonable, especially when compared to the cost of cleaning gutters or repairing damage caused by clogged and overflowing gutters.

We recommend that new gutter installations include gutter guards. On existing systems, we suggest that home- and business-owners get their gutters cleaned out and then have guards attached.

A Few Words About Gutter Cleaning in Tacoma

Tacoma trees produce literally tons of leaves, many of which drift down and settle in unprotected gutters. There they accumulate, degrade, and clog up channels. Other items end up in gutters, too, from seeds that sprout, to sticks, to children’s balls. Clogs of organic debris welcome bugs and snakes.

All this stuff needs to be cleaned out for a gutter system to work properly. Clogged gutters don’t carry water away well.

Guardian Home provides gutter cleaning services to building owners in Tacoma. Spare yourself the job of repeated trips up and down a ladder to scoop out masses of dead leaves. We’ve got the equipment and the experience to clean out gutters thoroughly and efficiently.

If you like, while we’re at it, we’ll install gutter guards, and no one will have to clean the gutters ever again.

Interested? Call us at 877-926-9966.

Wrapping It Up

Guardian Home provides home and commercial gutter installation services to Tacoma customers. We also provide repair and maintenance services, gutter cleanouts, and gutter guard installation.

We’re Tacoma’s best gutter company. Call us at 877-926-9966 for expert Tacoma gutter services.