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Gutters are used to channel rainwater away from homes and buildings and prevent it from damaging properties. Gutters also protect against mold and bacteria growth that can arise when water collects on surfaces over long periods of time.Gutter Services Mercer Island

Because Mercer Island gets so much rain, having gutters installed on your home or commercial building is very important. You need the best Mercer Island gutter contractor to do the installation. Call Guardian Home for professional gutter installation services.

Why You Need Dependable Mercer Island Gutter Installation Services

Roofs catch water and dump it into gutters. If there are no gutters, all the water pours off the roof onto the surfaces below.

The worst consequence of having no gutters is water coming off the roof and pooling at the base of exterior walls. There, it can access cracks in the foundation slab or leak into a basement, causing serious problems.

When you hire a dependable Mercer Island gutter installation contractor such as Guardian Home, you’ll get gutters that direct away water coming off your roof before damage can happen. You won’t have to worry about basement leaks, molding walls, or water penetrating foundation slabs.

Gutters Come in Different Sizes

There are different sizes of gutters, appropriate for different sizes and pitches of roofs. We install 5- or 6-inch gutters on most Mercer Island homes and commercial buildings. For small, low-pitched roofs, we install four-inch gutters. On very large, steeply pitched roofs, we install oversized gutters which can be up to seven inches wide.

Our installation crews will recommend which size of gutter is best for your home or building.

We Install Seamless Gutters on Mercer Island Homes

Traditional gutters come in pre-formed sections in standard lengths. When they are installed, there are joints, or seams, wherever sections meet. Over time, the sealant wears out and leaks develop at the seams.

Seamless gutters have very few seams. They are produced on site by a machine that forms gutters from a roll of flat metal and makes them to custom lengths. Seamless gutters leak much less than their traditional counterparts because there are fewer joints.

Types of Gutters Suitable for Mercer Island

Gutters come in different profiles and in different materials. The most common type of gutter is the K-style, or K-line. Other types include fascia-style and low-profile, and half-round. Materials used for gutters include copper, vinyl, and galvanized metal. If a Mercer Island property owner doesn’t have a preference for the type of gutter to be installed, Guardian Home experts will make a recommendation.

Gutter Repair and Maintenance in Mercer Island

Gutter systems are like any other structural system in that they need regular maintenance to keep functioning well. They can sag and be damaged by wind, debris, falling trees, or even ice dams during the winter months.

Maintenance and repairs on gutter systems include:

  • Checking for sagging gutters that need reattaching
  • Replacing areas that have gotten bent and no longer hold water well
  • Cleaning leaves out of the gutters

Call Guardian Home for repairs on your Mercer Island gutters.

Why Mercer Island Homes and Buildings Need Gutter Guards

If you live in Mercer Island and you have a house, there is a pretty good chance that your gutters are always full of debris. Leaves, pine needles, sticks and branches–all are things that will clog gutters. Blocked gutters can lead to serious problems including molding fascia board, roof leaks, and water overflowing to vulnerable surfaces below.

Gutter guards, also called leaf guards, filters, screens, and covers, are a great solution for blocked gutters. Gutter guards cover gutters and keep leaves, pine needles and other debris out so that they can freely accept and direct roof runoff.

Looking to install gutter guards on your Mercer Island home? Call the experts at Guardian Home.

Do Your Mercer Island Gutters Need Cleaning?

If your gutters are clogged and water is pouring over the edges, you should get them cleaned. Leaves, twigs, asphalt shingle granules, and even snakes and insects can clog gutter systems.

A clog in the gutter system can lead to backed up downspouts, which will cause water from your roof to flow over the gutter edges and pool around the foundation of your home.  If you don’t want to have problems with slab leaks and basement leaks, regularly inspect and clean out your gutters.

Don’t feel like getting up on a ladder and scooping out clumps of degrading organic matter? Hire Guardian Home professionals for the job. We’ve got the equipment and expertise to do the job thoroughly and efficiently. Call us today.

Summing It Up

Guardian Home takes care of Mercer Island home and business owners. Call us for expert gutter installation services as well as gutter repairs, cleaning, and guard installation.

We’re Mercer Island’s best gutter company. Don’t settle for less!