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Homes and business buildings in Mill Creek are subject to the 41 inches of rain the city receives annually. With half of each Gutter Services Tacomayear being days with precipitation, you can see why we recommend every home- and business-owner in the city have durable gutters installed.

For a reliable Mill Creek gutter contractor, call Guardian Home Gutters. We’re well-established in this industry and look forward to working with you!

Reliable Gutter Installation Mill Creek

You don’t have to spend much time in Mill Creek to know how much rain this area gets and to see why not having gutters can be detrimental to the integrity of buildings in the region. The purpose of a gutter system is to prevent roof runoff from battering plants and constantly soaking wooden patios, decks, columns, and railings.

Dealing with destroyed plants is frustrating, and compromised wood will require replacing at some point. Even more serious, however, is a foundation or basement with water penetration. When water pools at the base of a structure’s exterior walls, it can easily leak into foundation cracks or a poorly sealed basement. This is a nightmare for business owners and homeowners alike!

Instead of waiting to solve these inevitable problems, we strongly suggest taking steps to prevent them. Install a gutter system that will collect rainfall and channel it away from your home or commercial property. 

Gutter Sizing Guidelines

The gutter width we install ranges from four to seven inches and depends on both the size and slope of your building’s roof. Commercial buildings generally need six-inch gutters, and standard homes usually need five-inch gutters. We sometimes install seven-inch gutters, like on a very large commercial building with a steep slope, because it’ll have a large volume of rainfall that collects quickly. On the other hand, a small home that has a flatter roof might only require a narrow, four-inch gutter channel.

Seamless Gutter Installation Mill Creek

Since water tends to eventually leak through the seams and joints of traditional gutters, seamless gutters are a more effective, longer-lasting option. That’s why we bring specialized equipment to each job to make seamless gutters on-site. We measure your roof and then form seamless channels out of flat metal strips with our machinery, resulting in a custom system that fits your roofline.

Gutter Types

When you choose Guardian Home Gutters, you’re not limited when it comes to size, style, and material. As discussed above, we install gutters in widths between four and seven inches, depending on your roof slope and size. Our go-to gutter style is the K-line, but we offer fascia-style, low-profile, and half-round gutters, too. And you can choose between aluminum, copper, galvanized, and colored channels. If you’re not sure what you need or you don’t have a preference, we’ll make a professional recommendation and guide you through the selection process.

Mill Creek Gutter Repair and Maintenance

It would be ideal for gutters to be in perfect condition forever. However, they are no different than other aspects of your property in that they do need regular maintenance to keep doing their job. They are constantly exposed to the elements, can be damaged unexpectedly, and age just like anything else.

You might see any of these issues with your building’s gutters:

  • They are clogged by debris like moss, twigs, leaves, and dirt. This limits the gutter’s capacity for holding water and blocks the runoff flow.
  • They have grey streaks, due to oxidization.
  • They’re bent or dented after a ladder was leaned against them or a branch fell on them.
  • They’re sagging. When the spikes that hold the gutters to the fascia board start to work loose (which happens naturally over time), gutters aren’t kept in place and pull away from the roof edge.

For the best gutter repair Mill Creek, call Guardian Home Gutters. If you need a full gutter replacement Mill Creek, we can do that, too.

Gutter Cleaning Mill Creek WA

If you don’t have any sort of gutter protection, debris builds up in the channels and drainpipes, clogging the system. This could be caused by densely compacted organic matter or even insect colonies!

Guardian Home provides effective and thorough gutter cleaning for commercial property owners and homeowners across the Mill Creek area. Our gutter technicians work safely and efficiently to clear your gutter channels of debris collection and get your gutters back to proper function. Contact us today for an estimate: 877-926-9966 

Gutter Guard Installation is Recommended

Gutter guards are plates of steel mesh that are secured to the tops of gutter channels. Like window screens, gutter guards block the entry of debris like leaves, twigs, shingle granules, and dirt, and keep larger things like balls and small animals from getting lodged in channels and drainpipes.

If you are having a new gutter system installed, we suggest the addition of gutter guards at this time. The other option is to have your existing gutters thoroughly cleaned and then install guards right away. Gutter guards are also called covers, panels, and filters.

In Conclusion

You want the best gutter company Mill Creek for your home or commercial property. Luckily, Guardian Home provides expert Mill Creek gutter services that are efficient, professional, and affordable.

For gutter cleaning, repair, maintenance, gutter guard installation, and gutter installation Mill Creek, call Guardian Home Gutters today at 877-926-9966.