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Olympia – and the entire Pacific Northwest region, for that matter – receives a huge amount of rainfall every year. This is surely not a surprise to owners of Gutter Services Tacomabusinesses and homes in the area, but some may not consider the importance of gutters to keep that rainfall away from structures and to prevent long-term issues.

If you’re on the hunt for the best gutter installation contractor Olympia can offer, you need Guardian Home Services.

Dependable Olympia Gutter Installation

You don’t need to have spent too much time in and around Olympia to understand that the city sees lots of rain. But do you know why gutters are so important for Olympia homes and commercial buildings?

When rain falls onto Olympia roofs, it’s not going to stay put. If you’ve ever seen a building with water pouring off of its roof, that’s probably because it doesn’t have a gutter system. While it may cause the inconvenience of drenching a few unfortunate people or even flattening some plants, it can also cause some serious structural issues.

Wooden materials – like posts, railings, siding, and decks – that are perpetually damp will begin to rot. Water that accumulates at the base of a structure can penetrate basements or cracks in the slab, causing mold, flooding, or other severe foundation problems.

Owners of Olympia homes and buildings with gutters have fewer water-related problems and repairs to worry about, because roof runoff is guided away from their structures and into designated drainage areas.

What Gutter Size Do You Need?

Do you know that gutters come in more than one size? Standard buildings and average-sized homes are generally fitted with five- or six-inch-wide gutters. However, sometimes wider or narrower gutters are more appropriate, depending on the size and slope of the roof in question.

Very large or very steep roofs may need oversized, seven-inch gutters to collect the increased quantity of water, whether due to larger surface area or faster runoff speed. Conversely, smaller, flatter roofs may only need four-inch gutters.

About Seamless Gutters

Guardian Home installs seamless gutters for our Olympia customers. This is a custom installation process, as gutter channels are formed on the installation site, depending on the lengths and shapes needed for your roof.

The machine-produced channels do not require joints or seams, as traditional gutters do, which means that water leaks will be far less likely. Traditional gutter sections were connected with sealant, which disintegrates over time, causing leaks and an inefficient gutter system.

Gutter Types

Guardian Home offers a plethora of gutter types. Choose from the common K-line gutters or fascia, low-profile (Barbie), or half-round styles. Select a gutter material like galvanized metal or copper. You even have several color options available. And if you need some help making the final decision, we are more than happy to offer our professional opinion.

Gutter Repair and Maintenance Olympia

As an owner of an Olympia home or business, you know that parts and systems need maintenance to function well. Repairs are also inevitable, whether an issue is caused by old age, an accident, or a weather event.

The following issues are common for Olympia gutters:

  • Loosened spikes causing sagging
  • Accumulation of debris, like twigs or shingle granules, causing blockages
  • Falling branches creating dents
  • Heavy ladders or other objects causing bending to occur

Call Guardian Home for repair of a bent or sagging gutter, or for general maintenance. Our experienced crews will bring your gutters back to life in no time.

We Recommend Gutter Guards

Do you have gutter guards on your Olympia home or commercial building? These fine steel mesh panels are secured to the top of gutter channels, allowing for the continued flow of rainwater but prevent any debris from entering the system.

Debris – like leaves, dirt, shingle granules, and even bugs or snakes – can build up over time and completely clog a channel or drainpipe, requiring cleaning of the gutters or hiring someone to do the job. Guardian Home encourages Olympia gutter guard installation for every home and commercial building with gutters.

Olympia WA Gutter Cleaning

Buildings that don’t have gutter guards will eventually collect all sorts of debris in their gutter systems. The debris builds up over time and can cause clogs in the drainpipes or channels, which will keep water from running through the gutters and away from the structure.

These unprotected gutters need to be cleaned out regularly. For safe and thorough gutter cleaning, you need high quality Olympia gutter cleaning services. Call Guardian Home. Our crews will safely maneuver ladders without causing damage to your gutters and will efficiently and completely clean out your gutter system.

While gutter guards are an investment, we highly recommend that customers who have their gutters cleaned consider installing gutter guards as soon as possible. Prevent future blockages and save money down the road by having gutter guards installed now.

To Conclude

Are you an Olympia home- or commercial property owner in need of gutter service? Guardian Home offers gutter installation, cleaning, repair, and maintenance, as well as gutter guard application.

If you want the best Olympia home and commercial gutter services, call Guardian Home today.