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Gutter Installation Issaquah WA

If you’ve spent any time in Issaquah, you know this town gets a lot of rain. But did you know that we get a whopping 53 inches per year? All that water has to go somewhere after falling onto Issaquah roofs, and gutter systems are an absolute necessity to protect our homes and buildings from damage.Gutter Services Issaquah

If you’re searching for the best gutter installation contractor Issaquah can offer, call Guardian Home Services.

Trusty Issaquah Gutter Installation

Without gutters, homes and commercial buildings in Issaquah would be highly susceptible to water damage. Issues related to excess water can require extensive and pricey repairs. Runoff pours over roof edges and onto wooden structures like railings, patios, and decks; plants in foundation beds; and sidewalks and walkways. Most seriously, water ends up directly at the base of exterior walls and can reach the foundation.

When this water collects and remains at the base of a building, it can penetrate cracks in the slab and basement walls. This can cause significant issues like flooded basements, mold, and compromised foundations.

A preventative approach is the best way to avoid serious damage and costly repairs. Installed gutter systems on homes and buildings guide rainwater away from the structures and into yards or drains.

How to Select Gutter Size

You may have noticed that gutters are not always the same size. The gutter size selected for a building depends on both the size and slope of its roof. Larger roofs provide more surface area for water to collect and require a wider gutter channel. Steep roofs allow for water to run quickly to the gutters, which also must be considered when it comes to sizing.

Guardian Home typically installs five- or six-inch gutters on Issaquah structures. However, we occasionally install four-inch gutters on smaller and flatter roofs, and seven-inch gutter on roofs that are very steep and/or very large.

Less Leaks with Seamless Gutters

If you’ve ever seen gutters that drip and leak at different spots, you’re looking at old, traditional-style gutters. These gutter systems were put together with pre-made sections and sealed at the section joints. However, sealant deteriorates over time and gutters leak as they became less and less waterproof.

We use seamless at Guardian Home. Seamless gutters are machine-produced at the installation site, with metal channels formed out of rolls of flat metal strips. The channels are custom fit to your home or building, requiring little to no joints and producing significantly fewer leaks.

We Install Several Gutter Types

While the most common type of gutter, the K-line gutter, is what Guardian Home installs on most roofs around Issaquah, we carry other styles and are capable of installing the type of gutter than suits your preferences and needs. Other gutter styles include half-round, Barbie (low profile), and fascia-style, and gutters come in other materials, like galvanized metal or copper. If you are having a hard time choosing the best gutter for your home or building, we are happy to help you make the right decision.

Gutter Repair and Maintenance Issaquah

Just like other systems used in and around your home or building, gutters require regular maintenance and occasional repair. While they will deteriorate with age, you can prolong the life of your gutters if you make sure they are properly cared for.

This is what you can expect to happen over the years:

  • Spikes pull away from the fascia board and the gutters sag
  • Gutters oxidize and develop streaks of gray
  • Debris like shingle granule and leaves clog the channels and drainpipes
  • Heavy ladders or branches dent or bend the gutters

For Issaquah gutter maintenance, call Guardian Home. Our crews are experts at bringing gutters back to full capacity (and improved appearance).

Gutter Guards Are Worth It

Gutter guards – also called gutter covers, gutter filters, or gutter screens – are fine steel mesh panels that prevent blockages and buildup of leaves and other debris.

We strongly suggest that Issaquah customers install gutter guards over their gutters. These covers are permeable to allow for the flow of water, but they prevent other obstructions from forming. Leaves, dirt, lost baseballs, and unwanted critters are all kept away from your channels and drainpipes.

Issaquah WA Gutter Cleaning

As explained, without gutter guards, debris buildup and gutter clogs are inevitable. Obviously, blockages in a gutter prevent it from doing its job, since roof runoff is unable to flow through the designated channels and away from the structure.

Fortunately, Guardian Home provides thorough Issaquah gutter cleaning services. Just give us a call, and our crews will have your gutters safely and efficiently cleared of any debris and buildup.

We do suggest that you consider having gutter guards installed after your gutters are cleaned. It’s true that this an investment now, but it will save you money in the long run!


Guardian Home provides all the gutter services our Issaquah residential and business clients could need, from gutter installation and maintenance to cleaning and repairs. Additionally, we do gutter guard installation.

For the best Issaquah home and commercial gutter services, call Guardian Home Services.