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Gutter Installation Auburn WA

Auburn residents don’t need reminding that annual rainfall is 43 inches per year—four inches per year more than nearby Tacoma. With all that water falling onto roofs, gutters are a must.

Do you own a home or a commercial building or both? You need a reliable Auburn gutter contractor. Call Guardian Home Services and request the gutter installation department. We’ve been installing gutters in Auburn for many years, and we’ll take care of you.Gutter Services Auburn

Dependable Auburn Gutter Installation Services

Even if you’re not an Auburn native, you don’t have to live here long to know that the area gets lots of rain and that buildings need gutters to manage the heavy roof runoff. If your roof has none of these metal channels, all that rainfall pours off the edges and soaks everything below—sidewalks, sensitive plants, foundation hedges, wooden railings, decks, and patios.

The worst impact of gutterless roofs is water accumulating at the bottoms of exterior walls. Any foundation cracks become vulnerable to water, and basements that are not well sealed can leak. Water in slabs and basements is not good and can result in mold and even flooding.

What’s the solution? Avoid having water land there in the first place. Get it away from structures by catching roof runoff in gutters and directing it via downspouts and extensions out into the yard or drainage area.

Gutter Sizes

Depending on the size and slope of your roof, we will install anywhere from four-inch to seven-inch channels. Usually we put five-inch gutters on average-size homes and six-inch gutters on commercial buildings. Occasionally a very large roof with a steep pitch will require an oversized seven-inch channel to handle the volume of rainfall. On the flip side, a small roof with a low-profile pitch may only need a four-inch channel.

Guardian Home Installs Seamless Gutters Auburn

Seamless gutters are exactly what they sound like—metal channels that have no joints or seams where two sections come together. Our gutters do not get installed in sections. Instead, we make them on-site in lengths that run down the full roofline. Gutter machines mounted inside trailers contain rolls of flat metal that turn into formed channels as they come off the machine.

Traditional gutters are pieced together and sealed. Over time, the sealant deteriorates and water leaks through the joint. Seamless gutters have no joints and thus don’t leak.

Types of Gutters

At Guardian Home, we install several kinds of gutters depending on roof size/type and client preference. K-style, or K-line, gutters are the most common ones we install. Other kinds include fascia-style, half-round, and low-profile. They come in copper, galvanized, aluminum, and colored. Guardian Home gutter experts can make recommendations when a home or building owner has no preference.

Gutter Repair and Maintenance Auburn

Gutters need maintenance just like any other structural component of a house or building. Although made of robust materials, they are still vulnerable to weathering, age, and damage. When taken care of, gutter systems will last a long time and perform properly.

Several things can happen to gutters.

  • They can get clogged with leaves and debris. In this state, they do not hold or direct water well.
  • They can start to sag. This happens when the spikes attaching them to fascia board work loose over time and lessen their hold on the gutter edge.
  • They can get crushed or bent by leaning ladders and fallen branches.
  • They can oxidize and develop gray streaks.

Guardian Home repair crews fix all gutter problems. Call us for your gutter replacement Auburn and gutter repair Auburn.

We Encourage Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter guards are also called filters, covers, and panels. Gutter guards are plates of fine steel screen that go across the tops of gutters. They allow rainwater in through the mesh but keep all debris out. They enable gutters to hold water at capacity and direct it to downspouts and out to safe places in the yard.

Gutter guards keep out leaves, twigs, granules, dirt, insects, rodents, snakes, balls, and toys. We recommend the addition of gutter guards when new gutter systems are being installed, and the installation of guards over existing gutters that are cleaned out.

Auburn WA Gutter Cleaning

Gutters in Auburn are prone to filling up with leaves. Unless they’re removed, the leaves keep collecting and eventually start breaking down into a dense organic mass mixed with twigs and shingle granules.

Gutter systems need to be free of this kind of accumulation so they can receive water and get it where it needs to go. Clogged gutters result in overflowing water onto vulnerable surfaces below.

If you have clogged gutters, call Guardian Home and request our gutter cleaning services. Our crews have the equipment and expertise to get your gutters clean and working properly again. Consider having gutter guards installed as soon as your gutters are clean.

In Summary

Guardian Home provides gutter installation services to Auburn customers, both residential and commercial. We also repair and maintain gutters, clean them out, and install protective gutter screens.

We’re the best gutter company Auburn has. Call us for expert Auburn gutter services.