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Snohomish County residents are well aware of how much rainfall the area receives, and you know that with all that rain, you Gutter Services Tacoma need gutters on your roofs.

If you’re the owner of a home or business building, you need a Snohomish County gutter contractor to help you protect your property. Call Guardian Home to speak to a representative of our gutter installation services department. 

Trustworthy Snohomish County, WA, Gutter Installation Services

It is obvious even to Snohomish County newcomers that homes and buildings need gutters to manage all the water that comes off our roofs. Without gutters, gallons of rainwater pour down onto whatever lies below the roof—beds, grass, plants, trees, walkways, decks, porches, railings, and even people. 

The most damaging thing that can happen on a property with no gutters is enormous quantities of water falling down the side of the walls and around the building’s foundation. There, if foundations are not sealed well, that water can accumulate and leak into basements. Mold and flooding are the repercussions of that scenario.

What to do? Make sure water doesn’t pour straight off the roof. Catch it and direct it away from the house or building via gutters, downspouts, and downspout extensions.

Gutter Sizes

Not all houses need the same depth and width of gutters. At Guardian Home, we measure the size and pitch (steepness) of your roof to calculate the rate at which water comes off the roof and will fill a gutter. A small, shallow roof needs a smaller (four- or five-inch) gutter. A big roof with a steep pitch will send lots of water quickly into a gutter, so five- or six-inch gutters can usually do the job. There are even seven-inch gutters for mammoth roofs, like commercial ones.

Consider Seamless Gutters in Snohomish County

Traditionally, gutters were installed in standard lengths, and they were sealed where they joined. Unfortunately, sealant does not last forever. In the sun, it dries and retracts over time, and leaks develop at the joined places. 

Seamless gutters were developed to avoid joints and the problem of leaking sealant. Seamless gutters are made onsite. A machine forms the gutters from a roll of flat metal and keeps cranking out the length of the channel until it stops. In this way, a virtually endless gutter channel can be formed. 

Call Guardian Home Gutters for seamless gutter installation.

Types of Gutters to Choose From

These days, homeowners can choose from several assorted styles of gutter channels. We most often install K-style or K-line gutters, but you can also select half-round, low-profile, and fascia-style. Metal choice varies as well, from copper to aluminum to vinyl or galvanized metal. Want colored gutters? You’re in luck. We’ve got those, too.

Call Us to Repair Your Snohomish County Gutters

Gutters need inspecting, maintenance, and repair, just like the other structural systems of homes and buildings. Yes, they are made of sturdy materials, but over time, they are vulnerable to deterioration. Take care of your gutters and they will serve your home for a long time.

Here are the kinds of things that can happen to gutter systems:

  • They can get stopped up by globs of leaves and sticks. When gutters are blocked, water may flow over their edges.
  • They can get dented, twisted, or crushed by falling branches or the weight of ladders.
  • Gray oxidation streaks can appear down their sides.
  • Sagging can occur as spikes wiggle loose from the fascia board and the metal channel pulls away.

Call Guardian Home to fix your gutter problems. We make Snohomish County gutter repairs as well as gutter replacements if necessary.

Consider Installing Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are metal screens that go over the tops of gutters to keep debris out. The screens let all the rainwater in but nothing else. Most guards (also called panels, filters, or covers) are made of very sturdy steel mesh–fine enough that not even the granules from asphalt shingles can get through.

Gutter guards keep out more than sticks. Think about what other things you’ve found in your gutters as you have stood on a ladder to scoop them out—bugs, snakes, toys, balls, seed pods, etc. 

Call us to cover your gutters securely so that water can get where it needs to go.

Snohomish County Gutter Cleaning

The number of trees in Snohomish County means lots of leaves, and those leaves find their way into your gutters. Unless you regularly scoop them out, they sit there and accumulate. Globs of leaves impede water flow or block it altogether and force water to flow over the sides of the gutters. 

We recommend twice-annual cleaning of your gutters. Don’t feel like perching on top of a ladder and dealing with gutter gunk? Call Guardian Home to request our Snohomish County gutter-cleaning services. Consider having us install gutter guards while we’re on the job. Then neither you nor we will have to clean your gutters in the future.

In Summary

For your Snohomish County gutter services, call the gutter protection experts, Guardian Home Gutter Services. We install, repair, clean, and maintain gutters and we install gutter guards.

We are the best gutter company Snohomish County has. Call us for professional Snohomish County gutter services.