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Lynnwood receives about 40 inches of annual rainfall and sees a whopping 168 days of precipitation! If you own a building Gutter Services Tacoma without gutters in this town, you’re asking for water damage and a headache.

Get sturdy gutters installed on your home or commercial building and work with a reliable Lynnwood gutter contractor to do so. Guardian Home Gutters has years of experience installing, repairing, and replacing gutters and we would be thrilled to partner with you. 

Top Lynnwood Gutter Installation Service

It shouldn’t be a surprise to Lynnwood residents that homes and buildings in this city need robust gutter systems to avoid serious damage. When roof runoff isn’t channeled away from a structure, it pours off the roof and falls onto whatever is below. Foundation plants and hedges are battered, and wooden materials are almost perpetually damp and susceptible to rot.

Most serious is the water damage that can be faced by a building’s foundation and basement. Water gathers along the base of the structure’s sides and can end up in foundation cracks and even in the basement. These issues result in nothing but damage, stress, and the need for expensive repairs.

Prevent all these issues by having strong gutters installed. Downspouts and extensions carry water to the yard and allocated drainage areas, and structural damage is avoided.

The Best Gutter Size

We install gutters ranging from 4 to 7 inches in width. What determines the size? How much rainfall is collected, which is affected by how large or small the roof is, and how quickly it will make it to the gutter channels, which is impacted by the pitch of the roof. Typically, we install 5-inch gutters on homes and 6-inch gutters on business buildings. Larger buildings with more dramatic pitches may need an oversized gutter, 7-inches wide. Buildings with small, low-profile roofs may need no more than a 4-inch gutter.

Lynnwood Seamless Gutter Installation

Guardian Gutters chooses to install seamless gutter systems, because traditional gutters are notorious for eventual leakage due to deteriorating sealant on the joints and seams. We bring gutter machines to each job, which form seamless channels out of rolls of flat metal, sized perfectly to fit your roofline. Instead of installing gutters in sections and piecing them together, as it’s done traditionally, we install these custom channels so that your gutter system will be sturdy and leak-free for a long time.

Gutter Styles and Materials

What are the best gutters for your building or home? What’s your preference when it comes to style and color? These are questions we ask when selecting the right gutter system for you. We install copper, colored, aluminum, and galvanized gutters, in the following styles: K-line (the most common), fascia-style, Barbie, low-profile, and half-round. Let’s work together to make the best selection!

Gutter Repair and Maintenance – Lynnwood, WA

All structures and systems in a home or building need maintenance at some point for optimal function. Gutters are no different, especially since they’re exposed to the elements.

Spikes are used to keep gutters in place and tightly attached to the fascia board. Over time, these spikes can work loose and pull away from the wood, which causes the gutters themselves to pull away and sag. In these cases, you’ll need to schedule gutter repair Lynnwood.

If a spike completely loosens or a gutter is hit by something like a fallen tree branch, you might see a gutter end totally separate from the fascia and knock against the exterior walls in strong winds or storms. 

As gutters age and weaken, they become more vulnerable to bending under the weight of a fallen branch or a person on a ladder. At a certain point, you may need to consider calling Guardian Gutters for gutter replacement Lynnwood.

Gutter Cleaning in Lynnwood WA

When leaves collect and remain in Lynnwood gutters, they decompose and become a dense organic material with twigs and shingle granules mixed in. This thick accumulation severely limits water flow, causing overflow and potential damage to surfaces and materials below.

Gutters need to be cleared of leaf and organic matter collection so that they can work properly. Guardian Home Gutters provides excellent gutter cleaning services and recommends that once your gutters are cleaned, you think about installing gutter guards to keep your channels clear.

We Suggest You Install Gutter Guards

Sometimes referred to as gutter screens, gutter covers, or gutter filters, gutter guards are steel mesh plates that are attached to the top of gutters to prevent debris buildup and clogging. Water can freely flow off the roof and away from your building or home when leaves, dirt particles, shingle granules, bugs, and twigs are kept out.

Save on gutter cleaning expenses and risks by having gutter guards installed at the time of a new gutter system installation or right after you have your gutters cleaned professionally. Gutter guards extend your gutter system’s life, prevent water damage caused by gutter overflow, and save you from stress and unnecessary expenses. 

In Summary

When you need gutter repair, cleaning, and maintenance, you need the best gutter company Lynnwood. Guardian Home does all this and more, including gutter guard and gutter installation services to Lynnwood residents and business owners.

Contact Guardian Home Gutters today for expert Lynnwood gutter services.