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Did you know that Puyallup gets 41 inches of rain per year? Yes, and all that water falls onto Puyallup roofs. You know where this is going. Gutters on Puyallup roofs aren’t just decorations. They’re essential systems for managing roof runoff and directing water to drainage areas away from buildings.Gutter Services Puyallup

For the best gutter installation contractor Puyallup has, call Guardian Home Services.

Dependable Puyallup Gutter Installation

You don’t have to be a Puyallup native to know the area gets lots of rain. What you may not know is how important gutters are to Puyallup homes and commercial buildings.

Buildings without gutters frequently end up with water-related problems that can result in costly repairs. Water that pours unimpeded off roofs lands on sidewalks, plants, wooden railings, porch decks, patios, and the like. Worst of all, the water falls to the bases of exterior walls.

Pooled water around foundations can seep into slab cracks and penetrate through walls into basements. Obviously, neither scenario is good. Mold can appear as a result, and when enough water breaches a wall, basements can flood.

Puyallup structures with gutters installed experience fewer water-related foundation issues because rainwater gets directed out to yards or to safe drainage areas.

What’s the Best Gutter Size?

On Puyallup homes and businesses, Guardian Home usually installs five- or six-inch gutters. The size we install depends on how large roofs are and how steep their pitches. The larger the roof, the more water it catches that must be carried away. The steeper the roof, the faster water runs down it. Both factors impact the size of gutter needed to manage runoff.

We also install smaller four-inch gutters on roofs that are smaller and flatter. Conversely, we install oversized seven-inch gutters on very large or very steep roofs.

Puyallup Customers Get Our Seamless Gutters

Traditionally, gutters were installed in pre-formed sections, with sealant at the joints where sections met. Over time, the sealant deteriorated and lost its waterproofing properties, and the gutters leaked.

At Guardian Home, we install seamless gutters. We produce these on the job site with a machine that forms the metal channels from rolls of flat metal strips. We can make the channels as long as we need to, which means many fewer joints to seal.

Gutter Types to Choose From

When you think of gutters, you probably envision the most common “K-style” or “K-line.” This type is what Guardian Home crews most often install on Puyallup roofs. However, there are other options, including fascia-style, low-profile (Barbie), and half-round. Material types also vary, from copper to galvanized metal. Most gutters are also available in different colors.

Don’t know what type of gutter is best for your Puyallup roof? We’ll help you decide.

Gutter Repair and Maintenance Puyallup

Gutter systems are like other structural systems in their need for maintenance and repair. They do deteriorate over time but will function properly for years if cared for well.

Here’s what can happen to Puyallup gutters over time:

  • They get clogged with debris, like leaves and asphalt shingle granules
  • They sag as spikes pull away from fascia board
  • They get dented or crushed by falling branches or heavy ladders
  • They oxidize and develop unsightly gray streaks

Call Guardian Home for maintenance on your Puyallup gutters. Our expert crews will get your gutter systems performing at capacity again (and looking better).

Yes, Install Those Gutter Guards

What are gutter guards? They’re mesh panels that protect gutters from getting filled up with leaves and debris.

Gutter guards are also called gutter filters, screens, and covers. Made of permeable fine steel mesh, they allow the full flow of water to enter metal channels but keep everything else out. This means no clogs, no lost children’s balls, no plants sprouting, and no unwelcome residents like snakes.

We highly recommend that Puyallup home- and business-owners install gutter guards over their gutters.

Puyallup WA Gutter Cleaning

If you don’t have gutter guards installed on your gutters, then you will deal with accumulated debris that must be regularly cleaned out. Gutter systems only function their best when they’re empty and clean. Otherwise, water can’t flow freely to downspouts and away from buildings.

Call Guardian Home for Puyallup gutter cleaning services. Our crews are experts. They know how to maneuver ladders safely (without damaging gutters) and how to get gutters thoroughly cleaned.

We suggest that after your gutters have been cleaned, you consider installing gutter guards. Yes, there is an upfront cost, but in the long run, you’ll save money, hassle, and effort.

Last Words

Guardian Home provides a range of gutter services to our Puyallup residential and business clients, including gutter installation, maintenance, repairs, and cleaning. We also offer gutter guard installation.

Call Guardian Home today for the best Puyallup home and commercial gutter services.