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Living in the Pacific Northwest means living with lots of rain, so a reliable gutter system is a must for any home or commercial building. Call Guardian Home Services for a gutter contractor in Gig Harbor that you can trust. We have been around the gutter industry for years, and we do things the right way.Gutter Services Gig Harbor

You need professionals to take care of your gutter system installation. Call Guardian Home for reliable service and quality products.

Rain Gutter Installation Services

Whether or not you are from Gig Harbor, you know that with the amount of rain this region receives, every building needs sturdy gutters. Without gutters to divert the flow of water, it pours right off the roof, pounding foundation plants, perpetually wetting the materials below the roofline, and drenching anyone who walks underneath. Most importantly, though, buildings without gutter systems are susceptible to foundation damage from water.

Runoff from roofs that collects at the base of the exterior walls can seep into the basement or through cracks in the foundation. Both of these serious problems can be prevented with a system of gutters and downspouts that channel rainwater away from the building and towards drainpipes and yards.

Guardian Home Services performs Gig Harbor rain gutter installation on any type of home or commercial building.

What’s the Right Gutter Size?

The industry standard in Gig Harbor is five- or six-inch-wide gutters, but some situations call for smaller four-inch or even oversized seven-inch styles. The most appropriate channel size depends on the size of the roof and the amount of water that runs off of it. Normally, Guardian selects six-inch gutters for commercial buildings and large homes, and five-inch gutters for the average-sized home.

Gig Harbor Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are a custom gutter system produced on site. A machine forms channels of varying lengths out of rolls of flat metal strips, so that they can be installed without joints or seams. This method means fewer leaks than traditional gutters.

Gutters Come in All Types

At Guardian Home, we install a range of gutter types for our Gig Harbor customers. We regularly work with half-round, fascia-style, galvanized, copper, Barbie (low profile), K-line, and colored gutters.

Gutter Repair and Maintenance Gig Harbor

As with any other building system, gutter systems require attention and maintenance to ensure that they are performing as they should.

Over time, fastening spikes begin to loosen from the fascia and pull from the wood. When this happens, the gutters are not held tightly along the fascia board and begin to sag, requiring repair or sometimes even replacement.

The most vulnerable spot for gutter wear and tear is the end of the channel. In this case, if the gutter loosens enough, it can separate from the structure and be knocked against the exterior wall by wind and storms.

Channels are also susceptible to damage by falling limbs and strong winds. Older gutters become weak and may even bend under the weight of a person on a ladder.

Fortunately, the gutter repair teams at Guardian Home can correct all of these gutter issues and more, from securing loose sections to replacing old spikes or bent channels. Our gutter repair crews in Gig Harbor will expertly restore your damaged gutter system to optimum working condition. For gutter replacement Gig Harbor and any type of channel repair, call Guardian Home.

Gutter Guards for Your Gig Harbor Building or Home

Gutter guards, also known as gutter covers, gutter filters, and gutter screens, are mesh plates secured to the tops of gutter channels. Water will pass through the mesh, but any debris – like dirt, twigs, leaves, bugs, or asphalt shingle granules – will be stopped. Gutter guards prevent clogs from developing in channels and keep the roof runoff flowing smoothly away from the building.

Guardian Home suggests that Gig Harbor customers who are getting new gutters installed purchase gutter guards, as well. The initial cost is paid off in long-term savings, since gutter guards keep channels empty and save you from needing to clear them out. With gutter guards, you won’t need to climb up a ladder to clean out your gutters, or pay someone else to do it for you.

For the same reasons, we encourage Gig Harbor business- and homeowners to install gutter covers on already existing systems.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter systems that are not protected by gutter guards can fill up with shingle granules, twigs, leaves, organic matter, bug colonies, and even snakes!

Guardian Home provides gutter cleaning services to commercial property owners and homeowners in Gig Harbor. Our crews are experienced in safe and efficient gutter cleaning methods.

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In Summary

Guardian Home Services is your local Gig Harbor provider of home and commercial gutter services. We do installation, maintenance, cleaning, repair, and gutter guard placement. Don’t settle for anything less than Gig Harbor’s best gutter installation company. For reliable, professional, gutter services, call Guardian Home Services.