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The Pacific Northwest receives rainfall amounts much higher than the national average. Here in Maple Valley, the town sees 53 inches a year. With all that rainfall, a gutter system is not optional for homes and buildings here. Directing roof runoff to appropriate drainage areas is an essential part of protecting structures from damage.Gutter Services Maple Valley

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Dependable Maple Valley Gutter Installation

Even if you’re a new member of the Maple Valley community, you know this area receives lots of rain. Are you aware of the difference a gutter system makes when it comes to the impact of excess water on the structural integrity of a building?

Maple Valley homes and buildings that don’t have gutters and drainpipes see much more water damage than structures that do. Different parts of a building may face damage, depending on its design. But water that consistently pours off of a roof can make for wooden rails, posts, and decks that are perpetually damp, oversaturated garden beds and crushed plants, and worst of all, compromised foundations.

Water that is not directed away from a structure can accumulate at the base of its exterior walls, make its way to cracks in the slab or basement walls, and cause serious mold or flooding issues.

The Right Gutter Size for Your Building

Gutters come in more than one size, and for a reason. While the standard gutter will be five or six inches wide, there are some exceptions. Very large roofs collect lots of water and require wider, seven-inch gutters to handle the runoff load. Similarly, water runs very quickly off steep roofs, and larger gutters may be needed to manage the increased amount of rainwater.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some roofs are small or flat, providing a smaller surface area for rainfall or experiencing a much slower rate of runoff. These homes and buildings may only need four-inch gutters.

Seamless Gutters for Maple Valley Customers

Traditional gutters, as they age, begin to leak at every joint and seam due to deteriorating sealant. These older gutter systems involve prefabricated channels that must be connected and sealed, but the sealant loses its waterproofing capabilities over time.

Seamless gutters, on the other hand, are engineered with no need for joints or sealant. Machines are brought to the job site, where the roof is measured and custom-length channels are created out of rolls of flat metal strips. Guardian Home installs seamless gutters so that our Maple Valley customers can enjoy a long-term gutter solution with no worries of leaks developing.

Choose from Multiple Gutter Types

The type of gutter that you have most likely seen on homes and buildings around Maple Valley is the K-line gutter. This is what we typically install at Guardian Home. However, we keep other gutter types in stock and are happy to install whichever fits your needs and preferences. We carry fascia-style, half-round, and low-profile (Barbie) styles, in materials such as copper and galvanized metal. We can even offer a selection of colors in the gutter of your choice.

Call us if you would like guidance in selecting the appropriate gutter style for your home or building. We’d love to help!

Gutter Repair and Maintenance Maple Valley

As with most things, gutter systems go through general wear and tear over time. Occasional repairs keep them functioning properly and regular maintenance extends their lifespan.

You might see any of these things happen to your Maple Valley gutters over time:

  • Sagging due to spikes that have pulled from the fascia board
  • Clogging of debris, like leaves, twigs, dirt, and asphalt shingle granules
  • Denting from falling branches or other objects
  • Bending under the weight of heavy ladders

Guardian Home crews are experienced in routine maintenance and highly skilled in every type of repair. Call us if you need help restoring your gutters to their optimal appearance and function.

Why Install Gutter Guards?

Have you heard of gutter guards? Just like the name implies, these steel mesh panels protect gutters from unwanted debris that could build up and cause blockages and water backup.

You may have heard them called gutter screens, covers, or filters. Regardless, this simple addition to your gutter system does an important job: preventing debris from forming clogs. Not only does this save you from cleaning out your gutters down the road or paying someone to do it, but it also may be the key in keeping water flowing as it should and preventing eventual water damage.

Maple Valley Gutter Cleaning

Without gutter guards installed, gutters get clogged with leaves and debris and must be regularly cleaned out. If not clean and empty, gutters overflow and problems develop.

Guardian Home provides gutter cleanout services. Our crews have the equipment and expertise to thoroughly clean your Maple Valley gutters safely and efficiently. Call Guardian Home for the best Maple Valley gutter cleaning services.

Wrapping It Up

Guardian Home provides expert gutter services to Maple Valley residents and commercial property owners. Call us for best Maple Valley gutter installation, maintenance, repair, cleaning, and gutter guard installation.