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The Pacific Northwest is no stranger to abundant rain, so any commercial building or home must have a sturdy and well-functioning gutter system. For the best gutter contractor in Kent, call Guardian Home Services.Gutter Services Kent

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Dependable Rain Gutter Installation Kent

Whether you’ve spent your whole life in Kent, or you just moved here, you know this area gets a lot of rainfall. What you may not know is that because of the heavy rainfall, good gutters are a must on all buildings.

The purpose of gutters in Kent is to carry rainwater runoff away from a building. Without these metal channels, the water has nowhere to go except off the edge of the roof, where it falls onto sidewalks, wets exterior surfaces that become susceptible to rot, and batters foundation plants.

The most serious consequence of not installing a gutter system, however, is that the building’s foundation becomes vulnerable to water damage.

Roof runoff that is not carried out to a yard or drainage system can accumulate at the base of exterior walls. If this happens continuously, it’s only a matter of time before the water accesses foundation cracks or seeps into the basement. Avoid these major problems by installing gutters and downspouts that will direct rainwater away from the foundation.

At Guardian Home Services, we’ll install gutter systems on your Kent home or commercial building, no matter its size.

Choosing a Gutter Size

Standard gutters in Kent are five or six inches wide, although some houses and buildings need four-inch or seven-inch gutters. The sizing is based on how large or small the roof is, and its pitch, which dictates how quickly water runs off it. At Guardian, most average-sized Kent homes are fitted with five-inch gutters, while six-inch gutters are installed on larger homes and commercial buildings.

Kent Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are, as the name implies, installed with no joints or seams, which means you’ll see much less leakage. This gutter system is machine-produced out of rolls of flat metal, custom fit to your home on site.

Gutter Types

We know that one size does not fit all, so Guardian Home installs various gutter types depending on your needs and preferences. Whether you want galvanized, copper, fascia-style, Barbie (low profile), half-round, K-line, or colored gutters, we’ll take care of it.

Gutter Maintenance and Repair Kent

Any Kent building system needs regular maintenance in order to do its job and perform at full capacity, and the same is true for gutters.

Regular gutter system wear and tear looks like loosened spikes and channels that are pulling away from the fascia board. Once a gutter is no longer secured against the fascia, it sags and needs to be shored up and the spikes replaced.

You’ll most often see damage and loosened spikes at the ends of the gutter channels. If a gutter is knocked by something like a falling limb, or if the spikes pull far enough from the fascia board, the channel end may separate from the building.

In other cases, a gutter may bend under the weight of a falling limb, or even a large person on a ladder leaning against the channel. Bent gutters also need to be repaired and, in some cases, replaced.

The gutter experts at Guardian Home are experienced in all types of gutter damage repair and can fix any problem you’re facing. For repair or gutter replacement Kent, call Guardian Home.

Put Gutter Guards on Kent Homes and Buildings

Gutter guards – also named gutter covers, gutter screens, or gutter filters – greatly improve your gutter system by keeping debris from clogging the channels. These mesh plates are attached to the gutter tops, preventing objects like asphalt shingle granules, leaves, bugs, twigs, and dirt particles from entering with the water.

At Guardian Home, we highly recommend that our Kent customers purchase gutter guards to be installed along with their new gutter systems. Choosing to invest in gutter guards pays off as water runoff flows through the channels and away from the building without getting stopped by built-up debris. This saves you from the cost and headache of repairing water damage, the risk of getting on a ladder to clear out the gutters yourself, and the price of hiring a company to clear the gutters for you.

It’s never too late to save time and money. We suggest that Kent owners of any homes and businesses with existing gutter systems install gutter guards.

We Do Gutter Cleaning in Kent

Gutter channels with no mesh covers can fill up over time, with anything from twigs and shingle granules to bug colonies and even snakes!

For homeowners and commercial property owners in Kent, Guardian Home provides high-quality gutter cleaning services. Our team members know how to carefully work on ladders and thoroughly clear gutters of debris and clogs.

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From installation and maintenance to cleaning and repair, Guardian Home Services offers the entire range of Kent home and commercial gutter services. Only hire Kent’s best gutter company to take care of your home or building. Call Guardian Home for professional and dependable gutter services.