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Metal Roofing Services in West Seattle, WA

When it comes to protecting your home against the elements, your first and best line of defense is a strong, reliable roof. Not only that, but you want a roof that looks great all year round at the same time. To achieve these goals, one of your best options is metal roofing, and if you’re in the West Seattle, WA area, Guardian Roofing is the place to call for your metal roofing needs. Whether you are considering installing a new roof, or you need maintenance and inspection services, Guardian’s trained professionals are dedicated to making your roofing experience as simple and hassle free as possible. Call today for more information.

Metal Shingles

When compared to other types of shingles, metal shingles offer benefits that go above and beyond. Are you looking for strength? Metal shingles are much more resistant to weather damage from wind, hail, and even falling trees. The coating used on metal shingles prevents chalking, fading, and cracking, so it will take a long time for them to lose their looks. Do you want to be more energy-efficient? Metal shingles do the work of reflecting heat away from your home, so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard. Are you looking for something that is simple to install? They can be placed over top of an existing damaged roof, which means that you don’t have to pay for or worry about removing your old roofing materials. Metal shingles also look great, and since they can be colored, there is no end to the shades, styles, and patterns from which you can choose.

West Seattle, WA Energy Efficient Roofing

Energy-efficiency is a common goal among homeowners these days. There are a few reasons for this. One is that they want to be responsible global citizens, but also it’s about saving money. Using less energy means spending less on energy. A lot of energy is lost through the roof as it seeps through shingles. However, with metal roofing systems, they are much more tightly sealed and the reflective abilities of the tiles adds to this. Less air is lost, and less heat comes in, so your air conditioner does not have to work overtime to cool down your home.

Metal Roofing Warranties

Since metal is so durable, it comes with warranties that reflect that strength. Metal roofing is expected to last for a very long time, and therefore warranties can cover up to 50 years. Standard roof shingles usually come with warranties that last only 25 years. This means that you can expect your metal roof to need replacement a full 25 years later than standard roofs.

Standing Seam Roof Systems in West Seattle

The weakest points of a standard roofing system are along the seams. This is where the components of the roof come together to seal out water and moisture Metal roofing systems use a standing seam. This means that the seam is raised above the roofing material,and the connectors are hidden by the seam. By being raised, water cannot sit on the seam and seep through over time. This sealing technique makes metal roofs nearly impossible to penetrate.

Metal Roof Myths

Many homeowners shy away from having a metal roof installed because they still believe in long-believed myths about them. For instance, they believe that metal roofs will attract more lightning strikes, which will in turn cause damage to the rest of the house. However, the truth is that metal roofs do not attract more lightning, and even if they do, they are more resistant to fire, os the home would be better protected.

West Seattle, WA Metal Roof Repairs

Metal roofs are very durable and strong, but there are rare occasions when they need to be repaired. When that happens, you want a contractor that believes in providing excellent workmanship along with friendly customer service, and that’s what you get from Guardian in West Seattle. Call today to have an experienced professional address your issue quickly, and make sure that it is fixed fast. You do not want your roof to be improperly protected because of poor quality repair work.

Roof Inspection Services

Having a trained professional examine every inch of your roofing system on a regular basis is a great way to avoid costly repairs and also extend the life of your roof. Yes, you will have to pay for the technician’s time, energy, and the work that they do. However, this will be more cost-effective than having to shell out for an unexpected major roof repair. Not only that, but you can’t put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can rely on your roof no matter what the weather is like outside.

Premium Metal Roofing Services in West Seattle, WA

There’s no reason that you shouldn’t have the best in metal roofing services for your home. If you need repair, maintenance, inspection, or installation of a metal roof, call the experts at Guardian Roofing in West Seattle today.