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Metal Roofing Services in Auburn, WA

As a home or business owner, you should never take your roof for granted. If it is damaged or in disrepair, water can leak in. Water damage can be particularly devastating, costing untold amounts of money and stress. To make sure that your roof is as strong as possible, consider having a metal roof installed the next time you are due for a new one. When you do, call Guardian Roofing in Auburn, WA to handle it for you. Our knowledgeable professionals have one goal in mind: your satisfaction with your roofing experience. They can provide you with all of the advice and guidance you need, along with superior customer service. There is no better option, so call today.

Metal Shingles

Metal shingles are considered by many to be greatly superior to standard and traditional shingles. For once, metal shingles are coated with an industrial product that will protect them from cracking or fading, meaning that they can last for decades to come and still look as good as new. They are easily installed over existing roofing materials, and they withstand the pressure from wind, rain, hail, and snow much better than standard shingles.

Metal shingles are also the way to go if you would like to use your energy more conscientiously. The coating allows them to reflect heat much more effectively than standard shingles, meaning that your cool air inside the home is protected. Don’t forget, metal roofing is also the most customizable, with an endless array of colors, styles, patterns, and more.

Auburn, WA Energy Efficient Roofing

Your HVAC system makes up a huge chunk of your energy usage on a yearly basis. Installing metal roofing will allow you to cut that chunk by up to 15%, which can lead to big savings. How does metal roofing do this? Much of your cool air escapes through the roof, and a lot of hot comes in that way, too. With metal roofing, it reflects heat away from the home, so it does not have a chance to enter at all. With less space to cool, your air conditioner can be on a fraction of the time. So not only are you protecting your home better, but you are creating less wear and tear on your air conditioner.

Metal Roofing Warranties

When you have a new roof installed, you should always consider what kind of warranty you have with it. It can be an indication as to how reliable the company you deal with is, and also how durable your new roof can be. With metal roofs, warranties cover you for about 50 years. With standard roofs, warranties only last around 25 years. This is because you can expect your metal roof to last much longer.

Standing Seam Roof Systems in Auburn

The standing seam that is featured in metal roofs is what makes the room essentially impermeable. Metal roofs are made from panels that run vertically along the slope of the roof. These panes have raised interlocking edges that bend over one another to hide the connection. With standard roofs, water can come to rest on the seams and eventually seep through. With a standing seam, this is impossible, and water has nowhere to go but into the gutters.

Metal Roof Myths

Don’t buy into any of the myths and assumptions that some make about metal roofs. One of the big ones is that metal roofs will attract lightning. There is no evidence of this, and if your roof is struck by lightning, it will be less dangerous than if lightning strikes or strikes close to a home with a traditional roofing system. Metal roofing systems are fire resistant, and they also provide an easy path for electricity to get to the ground. That means that if you are worried about lightning, a metal roof may be your best option.

Auburn, WA Metal Roof Repairs

No matter how strong your roof is, there is a good chance that at some point you will need some repair work done. It might be that a component is worn down, or it may have suffered damage. No matter the reason, it’s important to have a roofing contractor that can fix it quickly and fix it so that you will have no concerns going forward about the viability of your roof. That’s why if you need repairs, call Guardian in Auburn to get it done right.

Roof Inspection Services

Inspecting and maintaining your Auburn metal roof will ensure that it lasts as long as possible. You don’t want to have to replace your roof prematurely, and you don’t want to have to constantly worry that your roof may be failing. Regular inspections will help you sleep easier at night, and also help your roof provide incredible protection for years to come. Yes, you will have to pay for your inspection appointment, but it will save you big dollars on repair costs over time.

Premium Metal Roofing Services in Auburn, WA

Don’t’ choose just anyone in Auburn for your roofing needs. Call Guardian Roofing if you are considering having a metal roof installed, or need repair and inspection services for your existing metal roof.