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Metal Roofing Services in Kent, WA

Metal roofing systems are getting more and more popular all the time. This might seem strange, since you may not see them a lot, but since they offer so many benefits, many home and business owners are catching on. If you are considering a metal roof, or if you need help with your current one, call Guardian Roofing in Kent, WA today. Only metal roofing can offer the perfect combination of strength and utility with the flexibility of options for style and color. Not only that, but metal roofing provides the absolute best energy-efficiency of all the other options available. Interested? Call Guardian right away.

Metal Shingles

One of the more popular metal roofing systems involves metal shingles. This is for those who want the protection that metal roofing provides, but want to have the look that shingles provide. They are coated to prevent cracking and fading, so they will keep their good looks throughout their lifetime. Not only that, but their protective coating also repels heat, so that your home will stay cool and your air conditioner will not have to work as hard. These shingles can be installed over your existing roof, so you don’t have to pay for disposal if you don’t wish to.

Metal shingles are installed using an interlocking system that is incredibly strong and resistant to damage. It will repel gale force winds and protect against hail, rain, and snow. Plus metal shingles come in any number of styles and colors, so there is no doubt an option that will suit your tastes.

Kent, WA Energy Efficient Roofing

Many Puyallup residents are looking for ways to use less energy in their daily lives. If being a responsible global citizen is important to you, or you just want to save money on your utility bills, then choose metal roofing. The reason it is a great choice for energy efficiency is that metal roofing keeps heat from getting into the home by reflecting it back outwards. This means that your air conditioner will not have to work as hard, which will save energy. Not only that, but the less your air conditioner needs to be active, the longer it will last, since there will be less wear and tear on its components.

Metal Roofing Warranties

You should also go with a roofing company that offers a competitive warranty. With metal roofing, you will get a warranty that far surpasses asphalt shingle roofing warranties. Metal roof warranties are sometimes up to 50 years, which is several decades longer than other roofing systems. It is the strongest and most durable, so manufacturers and roofing companies can have confidence in a warranty of that length.

Standing Seam Roof Systems in Kent

Besides shingles, standing seam roof systems are the other main metal roofing system. A standing seam provides superior protecting since its seams are above the surface of the roof. With a traditional roof, the seams are the most vulnerable parts. Water can slip through the cracks and into the home. With a standing seam, it is raised above the rest of the roof, so water cannot rest on it, and the connectors are hidden, so water can’t slip through the cracks. A standing seam roof is nearly impermeable if installed correctly.

Metal Roof Myths

You should not believe some of the myths that are out there about metal roofing systems. For instance, they are no more likely to be struck by lightning than an asphalt shingle roof. In fact, they are safer than other roofs because they conduct electricity and direct it to the ground. With standard roofs, lightning can catch on flammable materials and start a fire, sometimes leveling the home entirely. A metal roof cannot catch on fire and is therefore much safer in the event of a lightning strike in Puyallup.

Kent, WA Metal Roof Repairs

Metal roofs are extremely durable, but that does not mean that they are invincible. There may come a time when you need repairs on your roof, and when that time comes, call Guardian in Puyallup. There is simply no better option that combines quality workmanship with excellent customer service. The goal is always to make sure that your metal roofing experience is as hassle-free and possible, which means fixing your problems fast and thoroughly.

Roof Inspection Services

It is always a good idea to invest in inspection and maintenance services for your roof. A trained expert can examine every inch of your metal roofing system to check for imperfections and issues that could lead to bigger problems down the road. If any issues are present, they will fix them quickly and leave your roof as strong as ever. You simply cannot put a price on your peace of mind, so call Guardian in Puyallup today to schedule your first appointment.

Premium Metal Roofing Services in Kent, WA

Don’t trust your metal roof to anyone but the very best. With Guardian Roofing in Puyallup, you will have trained professionals working with you every step of the way to make sure that you and your home are well protected at all times.