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Metal Roofing Services in Renton, WA

The roof of your home or business is your first line of defense against the elements. It can also be a reflection of how much care and attention you put into your home. A well-maintained roof tells others and prospective buyers that your home is cared for. Metal roofing is a great option because it requires less maintenance, is incredibly durable, and still provides a great look. If you are considering metal roofing for your roof replacement, or if you need services for your current metal roof, call Guardian Roofing in Renton, WA for the absolute best service in the area.

Metal Shingles

If you are looking for the benefits that metal roofing systems can offer, but also want the look of a traditional roofing system, then metal shingles might be the perfect option. They provide superior protection because they are installed in an interlocking pattern that is durable and can withstand gale force winds. They are coated with a protective product that will keep them from fading and cracking, so they will still look fantastic years down the road.

Your roof is a major culprit for energy loss, since air can leak in or out, causing the air conditioner to have to compensate. Metal shingles that minimize this by deflecting heat away from the building and allowing the interior air to stay cool. Since your air conditioner doesn’t have to work as hard, you can cut your energy consumption by up to 15%.

Metal shingles also offer a multitude of options for color, patterns, and styles. There is no way that you would not be able to find something that suits your needs and your style.

Renton, WA Energy Efficient Roofing

Energy-efficiency is something that many home and business owners are looking for in many aspects of their lives, including when it comes to their roof. Since the HVAC system does not have to work as hard when you have metal roofing installed, you can save energy and save on your energy bills. Not only that, but the less you use your air conditioner, the longer it will last. So you can save on energy bills and save on replacement costs for your AC unit.

Metal Roofing Warranties

Guardian roofing offers very competitive warranties to our Renton clients. Warranties can be up to 50 years for metal roofs, while standard roofs come with warranties in the 15-25 year range. This is because warranty providers can trust that a metal roof will last for decades, while standard roofs have much shorter lifespans.

Standing Seam Roof Systems in Renton

The weakest part of most roofing systems is the seams. This is because water can build up and then leak through the cracks. With a standing seam system, the seams are raised, so that water cannot collect and leak through. Plus, the connections are hidden by the metal panels so that water cannot touch them, let alone leak through. It is the most effective roofing option for keeping water out of the building.

Metal Roof Myths

Metal roofs have been getting more popular all the time, but they could be even more popular if there weren’t certain misconceptions floating around in which many people believe. For example, It makes sense for people to believe that metal roofs are more likely to get by lightning, but it’s just not true. Not only that, but if a metal roof is struck by lightning, it is much safer than standard roofs. It directly electricity to the ground more effectively, and it is also fire resistant so that you don’t have to worry about your house burning down.

Renton, WA Metal Roof Repairs

If you need repairs for your Renton metal roof, then call Guardian as soon as possible. The longer your roof is damaged, the more water damage there will eventually be. Guardian’s experts are specially-trained and highly experienced at making sure that your roof is fixed completely, and that the problem will not recur in the future. The job is never done until the client is completely satisfied.

Roof Inspection Services

Investing in inspection services for your metal roof in Renton means that you can save money down the road on repair bills. A trained professional can evaluate every inch of your roofing system to make sure that it is all working properly. If anything needs to be fixed, they can do it quickly and effectively before anything gets to be too much of a major problem. You also cannot put a price on the peace of mind you can get from knowing that your roof will perform as you need it to.

Premium Metal Roofing Services in Renton, WA

Look no further than Guardian Roofing for metal roof installation, inspection, maintenance, and repair services. There is no better choice in Renton, WA for all of your roofing needs.