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Roofing Maintenance & Preparing For Winter

When you own a home, you need to perform regular maintenance on it to keep it safe and secure. Most people regularly change air filters, smoke alarm batteries, carbon monoxide alarms,  and check for necessary repairs. Your roof should be high on that list. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re famous for our wet, misty, […]

Challenges of Roofing In Seattle Washington

Roofing In Seattle Washington Area is Rewarding With its Share Of Obstacles Making sure that you are able to keep your Seattle roof in good condition is very critical when it comes to ensuring that your home is able to stay in good shape all the time. Your roofing system is a vital part of […]

How Small Leaks In Your Roof Can Add Up To Huge Problems

Owning a home can sometimes be difficult and we all have issues that we put off for another day. That is the whole point of a ‘honey-do’ list, isn’t it? While we can typically wait on mowing the lawn or painting the fence, one obligation we always have to take care of is the roof. […]

10 Common causes of Roof Leaks

Ever wonder WHY your roof leaks? Well, if you’re a studio apartment dweller in an affordable city like Minneapolis with tons of snow each year or a homeowner in the rainy Northwest, then you need to understand roofing and leak issues. Let’s face it: No one wants to have to go running for a drip […]

How to Prevent Improper Roof Ventilation From Ruining Your Roof

If you are like most homeowners, you don’t lay awake at night wondering if your attic ventilation is working properly. In fact, most people think that attic ventilation is only for getting rid of hot air in the summer. This type of thinking could cost you big time! You especially want to make sure your […]

Bellevue Tile Roof Cleaning – Your Guardian Roof

Concrete tile roofs are very durable and long-lasting roof systems that can provide a unique alternative to traditional shingle roofs. Because of their durability, most people forgo maintaining these roofs, which is a huge mistake. This is because unlike most roofs, tile roofs allow some rain and snow to get under the roofing system. It’s […]

Bellevue Roof Cleaning – Moss & Algae – Your Guardian Roof

Thank you for checking out our roof moss and algae video. If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering what is roof moss and does it damage my roof? Let’s start with algae. Algae is the black staining that you see on roofs. It looks bad and is usually followed by moss. That’s the green […]

Evergreen Needles Cause Roof Leak

Living in the Northwest. We all know how debris from Evergreen Trees like needles and leaves makes our roof look ugly, and clogs our gutters. But most homeowners are unaware of how leaves and needles can cause roof leaks. Watch this video to see how debris on your roof can cause leaks!