Roof Damage: One Of The Top Issues That Stress Oout American Homeowners


Only 14% of Seattle-Tacoma Area Homeowners are Always Proactive at Checking their Roofs

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Seattle, WA – May 9, 2018 – Roof damage is among the top 3 stressful issues for homeowners next to burst pipes and flood damage according to a new national survey by Owens Corning Roofing. While a roof is one of the most important items protecting most American’s single largest financial investment, 69% of homeowners admitted to rarely, if ever, looking at their roof or hiring a professional to do so in advance of unpredictable weather seasons. Nationwide, the survey also found that 70% say the cost of repairs would be taxing, but only 29% of homeowners have money set aside to address unexpected roof damage.

Specific to Seattle-Tacoma area, the survey found that 24% of homeowners are worried that their roof might be damaged by bad seasonal weather and yet in the last three years only 14% say they always check or have their roofs checked before the start of a season that typically brings bad weather.

“Understanding the importance of checking their roofs and knowing the basics of roof maintenance and damage can help ensure homeowners are better prepared for upcoming weather,” says Lori Swanson, Owner, Guardian Roofing. “It can literally make a huge financial impact for you and your family.”

Checking the Condition of a Roof
According to Lori Swanson, there are a few simple steps Seattle-Tacoma area homeowners can take to identify issues and make sure their roof is ready for upcoming weather: WIN (Walk the Attic, Inspect Your Ceilings, Note Outside Changes).

Walk the attic:
Often, early warning signs of current or future roof problems are visible in your attic long before they become apparent from the inside or the outside. Look for daylight coming from around any of the roof penetrations (e.g. chimney, soil pipe, vents, etc.) and check for any signs of moisture or staining on the underside wood of your roof including mold.

Inspect ceilings:
The first and simplest check that you likely do without even noticing it, is to occasionally inspect the ceilings in the rooms on the highest level of your home. Check for staining or discoloration on the ceilings of these rooms and hallways, especially during or after heavy precipitation.

Note outside changes:
At the start of each new season you should conduct an external visual inspection of your roof from the ground. Things to look for include: curling, blistering, damaged or missing shingles; missing granules including circular shapes; sagging shingle rows; moss or discoloration; and shiny shingles. IMPORTANT: A close-up inspection of your roof is recommended at least once a year, but if you are uncomfortable, inexperienced or have any doubts about your or your spouse’s ability to do this safely, you should not try this and should call a professional roofing contractor instead.

Importance of a Certified Contractor
According to the survey, more than 54% of American homeowners say that finding a contractor they could trust would be stressful – in fact, it is so crucial that most homeowners (75%) said they would be willing to pay more money to find a contractor they could trust. The survey also found that for three quarters of Americans (75%), the single most important sign to know if a contractor can be trusted was a certification by a national roofing manufacturer.


To find a trustworthy local roofing contractor, Owens Corning recommends the following:

  • If someone says your entire roof needs to be replaced, but you are unsure, get a second opinion, especially on newer roofs
  • Check to make sure that the contractor is fully insured and make sure you get proof
  • Confirm that a contractor carries valid state & local licenses and fully understands local knowledge of codes
  • Check that the contractor is affiliated/certified by a trusted national roofing manufacturer
  • Make sure the contractor has good standing with the Better Business Bureau; you can find out by visiting
  • Looking for a trustworthy and reliable contractor in your area, but don’t know where to start? Visit or, for a list of additional reliable, vetted independent contractors in your area, visit

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