Prevent Roof Damage With Tree Maintenance

In the Pacific Northwest, we have many different type of trees. Our urban forests, the trees along streets, in parks, and in your own backyard, are an important part of our environment. But, they require our help to stay healthy. Proper tree care is important because trees are an investment in the value of your home and the livability of your neighborhood. Trees that are damaged or improperly maintained can do damage to our neighborhoods and our homes, too.

For effective tree care, you need to correctly identify which trees are worth maintaining. Many well-intentioned protection efforts fail because large old trees nearing the end of their lifespans were protected and younger trees weren’t. Trees in a group, known as a stand, grove, or patch, should be evaluated together as well as individually. Take time to evaluate your landscaping and trees and decide what you want them to look like in the next decade or two. Some of your trees may be better off being removed; others may potentially become useful wildlife habitats. A certified, professional arborist may be needed.

One of the first considerations in evaluating the tree is the health of the tree roots. If the roots aren’t healthy, then the whole tree should be removed. Roots not only absorb water and nutrients from the soil, they anchor the tree, stabilize the soil, and prevent erosion. Most trees will grow a sprawling network of woody, horizontal feeder roots. In very compacted soils, roots may not grow any deeper than 24 inches, but may extend the footprint of the tree up to four times beyond the canopy of the tree. In small yards or in areas where other trees and plants may compete for resources. Too many plants and trees competing for limited resources means that trees may fail to thrive and become hazardous.

Root damage is a significant concern. Root damage may be a result of construction or heavy equipment, digging for sprinkler systems or walkways, or even insects. Some common signs that your trees are distressed from root damage are wilted leaves, premature autumn colors, drooping branches and flowering out of season. If your tree is leaning to one side significantly, has exposed roots or cracked soil at the tree base, you tree may be in danger of falling over and damaging your house, cars or other property. Keeping tree branches properly trimmed may also help prevent weight distribution problems that may contribute to root problems.

Careful examination of the trunk and large branches is also necessary. Trees with U-shaped or multiple trunks should be inspected for deep cracks and other signs of weakness. Mature trees are most at risk for splitting down the middle during heavy rains and stormy weather. To prevent the tree splitting or losing large branches, you may consider hiring a certified arborist who can attach cables between trunks and braces to strengthen the tree. Routine inspection and pruning of problem branches will help to ensure that they don;t fall and damage your roof.

The best offense is a good defense when it comes to protecting your roof from falling trees and branches. Tree work performed incorrectly may damage not only to the tree itself, but may be potentially dangerous to the person performing the work. Tree work should be performed by those trained and equipped to work safely and correctly in trees, to ensure a professionals attention to safety and good results.​

Planting different types of trees in the yard adds natural beauty. They offer privacy and curb appeal, provide shade that can impact utility costs and help sustain birds and other wildlife. Trees of all sizes are an important part of the visual landscaping.

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