Roofing Maintenance & Preparing For Winter

When you own a home, you need to perform regular maintenance on it to keep it safe and secure. Most people regularly change air filters, smoke alarm batteries, carbon monoxide alarms,  and check for necessary repairs. Your roof should be high on that list. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re famous for our wet, misty, rainy weather, especially in winter. Regular preventative maintenance of your roof is important for keeping your home warm, dry, and leak free.

The first step in roof maintenance is performing a visual inspection. Regularly examining your roof for discoloration, missing or damaged shingles, and roof buckling or sagging is easy, but it is vital to  targeting roof issues as they occur. Be sure to also look for damaged flashing, vents, and edging where water may seep under the shingles.

Cleaning your gutters is important. When pine needles and other debris build up in the gutters, water can be pushed under the shingles and create wood rot or ice damage. This damage can lead to roof leaks, which may not be detected for quite some time. Neglected leaks can cause extensive damage, including to walls and ceilings, insulation, wiring, and HVAC units. Taking a few hours to clear gutter and downspouts and inspect the roof edge can save you a lot of time and money.

While you are inspecting the roof and gutters, look for signs of carpenter ants. You may find the ants themselves or just the sawdusty piles of wood damage.  The ants usually emerge in spring, but anytime is good to spot the damage they cause. Woodpiles, mulch and any other material close to the house make a good place for them to hide.  Take your time to clear away any pine needles and woody debris and be sure to remove any soil or mulch at least 6 inches from your foundation, siding or trim.  While some people think ants are only attracted to wood siding, your home’s floors, walls, and roofs are all built on wood framing. Treating your home for a few ants with an inexpensive insecticide from the hardware store is easy. But, for bigger ant problems, pest control professionals are better suited to solve the problem.

Our wet, humid weather encourages the growth of moss and algae. While it makes our forests even more beautiful, it damages our roofs. Neglecting moss growth can result in serious damage and extensive repairs. Moss keeps roofing materials, like asphalt shingles, constantly moist. This moisture increases the freeze-thaw damage that can occur.  Moss also creates organic byproducts that makes both wood and asphalt shingles more brittle and damage the protective coatings. Moss can also clog roof valleys, increase wood rot, and break off pieces of the shingles themselves. If neglected, removal of the moss can get expensive. As part of your winter preparations, like cleaning the gutters, you can treat the roof with a moss killer specifically designed for roofs. But if you have any doubts, call a Guardian Roofing professional to clean your roof properly. Pressure washing and other types of cleaning methods can cause damage to the shingles and create expensive leaks.

Don’t forget to inspect the roof from the inside, too. Crawling around the attic may seem unnecessary, but it’s really important. Looking for water damage and spots on the underside of your roof can indicate leaks you wouldn’t otherwise notice until they have become a major issue. Damage to insulation can also indicate leaks or pests that need to be addressed. Inspecting your insulation regularly can also indicate when you need more of it. Insulation breaks down over time. This decreases it’s effectiveness and insufficient insulation leads to higher utility bills.

Having your roof inspected by a certified professional roofing company, like Guardian Roofing, is the best way to ensure your roof is in top condition. Guardian roofing will provide a thorough evaluation that can ensure a long lasting, secure roof to protect your home and family.

When your home is ready for a new roof, repairs, or maintenance, you need a reliable, dependable roof repair company. You count on you roofing contractor to keep your home safe and dry. Guardian Roofing is committed to providing top-quality service, professionalism and workmanship. If you are looking for a roof repair contractor please call us today at 844-499-7822 or complete our online service request form.