2021 Halo Project: The Story of Luke and Sarah

Each year, Guardian Roofing hosts the Halo Project, a by-nomination contest to help provide a local family with a new roof! This year’s winners are Luke and Sarah Lenihan. Luke and Sarah Lenihan were just like any other first-time homebuyer, excited to start a new chapter in their life while also being anxious for the newness that it entails. What they did not expect was to be in the situation they are currently in.

The couple set out to find the starter home that’s just right for them and their three children: their daughter Remi (age 6), their son Ryker (age 4), and their newborn son Reuben. When they saw the seemingly cozy, white house that they soon would call home, in May of 2020, they were sure that they found the right match. They made certain to go through all the right steps in the home buying process and were looking forward to to re-purposing the little room up in the attic to be their children’s play area. Once they closed on their home and received the keys, their excitement turned into despair as things quickly turned downhill.

On merely day two of owning the house, they found out the inspection was done poorly when Luke went up to the attic to start on the playroom project. He made the discovery that the insulation in the attic was molded and rotted out, the attic floorboards and framing wood were rotten, there was no roof ventilation, the windows would not seal, and so forth. One issue just led to another. To make matters worse, the inspection company denied any responsibility or assistance, and an attempt to jump through various legal hoops eventually lead to nothing. The Lenihan family kept trying to find a solution to their continuously-growing problem to no avail as seven contractors came out to look at their home and denied doing any work due to the difficulty and liability the job required.

This is when Sarah’s mother posted on Facebook about Guardian Home Halo Project. From there it spiraled to receiving 105 nominations for the Halo Project from the Enumclaw community, family, and friends. The project date is set for October 15th with the goal of a new roof, ventilation/insulation work, and to provide a safe, functional play space for the kids. Soon the Lenihan family will receive their happily ever after!


It is important to understand the basis of this project before understanding how deep its reach is. Simply put, the “H” stands for helping, this can include helping the community, families, or simply enriching others’ lives. “A” stands for achieving a purpose and successfully filling a need. “L” stands for lasting, not only a company that lasts but fostering lasting relationships as well. Finally, “O” stands for overcome meaning completing people’s needs that resulted from outlying obstacles.