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Thinking about buying a recently “Flipped” house? Read this first.

Thinking about buying a recently “Flipped” house? Read this first. The photo displayed in this post is from a home that is in the process of being sold. The house was purchased by an investor with the intention of “Flipping” the house (i.e. buying it for below market value, doing improvements, and selling for a […]

How to Prevent Improper Roof Ventilation From Ruining Your Roof

If you are like most homeowners, you don’t lay awake at night wondering if your attic ventilation is working properly. In fact, most people think that attic ventilation is only for getting rid of hot air in the summer. This type of thinking could cost you big time! You especially want to make sure your […]

How to Protect Yourself When Investing in a Metal Roof

When it comes to roof replacement, most consumers focus on what is tangible. That is the materials the roof will be constructed of. This is very important because after all the materials will be enduring the punishment that our Seattle weather dishes out on a daily basis. But what most consumers do not take into […]

Is a Metal Roof Best for Seattle?

This is a question we receive on a regular basis. Many consumers are under the impression that a metal roof means a lifetime of worry free weather protection. This is partially true. Metal is an excellent material that is very durable. It is lightweight and comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. […]

Water Under Membrane Causes Roof Leak

Guardian Roofing was called to diagnose a flat roof leak. While inspecting we found water trapped in between two roofs. This created a waving effect. Not only did this demonstrate that the top layer was not keeping water out, but it also showed that the roof was not fully adhered when installed.

Evergreen Needles Cause Roof Leak

Living in the Northwest. We all know how debris from Evergreen Trees like needles and leaves makes our roof look ugly, and clogs our gutters. But most homeowners are unaware of how leaves and needles can cause roof leaks. Watch this video to see how debris on your roof can cause leaks!

Crooked Contractor Voids Manufacturer Warranty

Crooked Contractor Voids Manufacturer Warranty. Video of roof we were hired to repair. Homeowner had roof replaced two years prior. Installed incorrectly. Contractor out of business. Homeowner pays twice!!!